No, there’s no border wall yet — heck, it’s taking forever just to finalize a concept to raise the fence around the White House to keep unwanted guests from jumping over while preserving the view. Permanent enhancements were to have been made to the fence in 2016, and ideas considered included an electrified top rail and a moat.

But back to the border wall. Companies have submitted proposals for a barrier between the United States and Mexico, although Sen. Lindsey Graham in April insisted “there will never be a 2,200-mile wall built” and the wall was more of a metaphor for increased border security. What if the “wall” were composed of “bricks” including, say, blimps and motion detectors?

Two months later, word is that the wall will be an actual wall, and solar panels along the top will help pay for it.

The president pitched the idea of solar panels during a meeting with GOP Congressional leadership Tuesday, but that idea was just one of several proposed and which the Associated Press wrote about in April.

Also included were an “art” installation made of “a polished concrete wall augmented with stones and artifacts” and a really cool sounding nuclear waste border wall, lined with trench at least 100 feet deep to store nuclear waste, with an option to convert it it energy.

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