California Assemblyman Phil Ting is one of the Democratic lawmakers sponsoring a bill that would divest money from any company participating in building President Trump’s border wall between the United States and Mexico.

More on this from the Sacremento Bee:

The Bee reports:

California Democrats have made no secret of their distaste for President Donald Trump since he was elected last November. Now they are pushing their political resistance into the financial realm with a proposal to pull all public investments from companies involved in the construction of his wall along the Mexican border.

Assembly Bill 946 would give CalPERS and CalSTRS, the state’s massive public employee and teacher retirement systems, one year to identify and liquidate any holdings in companies working on the wall, a central campaign promise of Trump’s for which his administration is now accepting bids.

The mayor of Berkeley, Calif., has already signed a similar bill into law:

ABC News has more about the border wall: