About 40 percent of the voting-eligible population didn’t vote in 2016, and Hillary Clinton’s not happy about it.

In her book, “What Happened,” and in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Clinton made it clear that she can’t offer “absolution” to women who kneel before her now and beg forgiveness for staying home on election day … probably because their husbands kept them in their kitchens making sandwiches while they headed out to vote for Trump.

In any case, Clinton is observing National Voter Registration Day and reminding fans that voting in every election — no matter how horrible the candidates on offer — is the most important thing they can do … dead or alive.

What’s really sad? The idea of people asking her what Americans should do now. Are the sycophants at her book signings even allowed to ask her questions — or look upon her directly?

Um, since it’s National Voter Registration Day, let’s not get into Hillary’s second and third (and fourth, and fifth) most important suggestions.

No — the “godforsaken Electoral College” stays, thanks very much.

* * *