Readers plowing their way through Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” have been generous in posting some of the best bits on social media. Though some details, like Clinton’s alternate-nostril breathing technique, need to be seen to be believed, others are shocking enough in print.

As Twitchy reported, one passage highlighted by readers told the story of dozens of women who have approached Clinton since November to apologize for not voting … women “looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give.” No, Clinton cannot and will not absolve them of their guilt; everyone has to live with the consequences of their actions, she concludes.

Seeing as she’s still walking free, there’s a lot Clinton doesn’t know about facing consequences for one’s actions, but if anyone thought that passage was maybe just a quick burst of anger that made it past the editing phase, Clinton was ready and willing to repeat it in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Wednesday night.

We wonder if anyone who lives on Clinton’s little planet with her has tried telling her that there are people who didn’t want her to president, voted against her, and aren’t looking for “absolution” from the losing candidate? Rumor has it some people are downright giddy she lost.

And the mic drop:

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