As Twitchy reported, teachers and students at UC Berkeley are encouraging professors to cancel classes and administrators to close down the campus next week during “Free Speech Week,” which promises to bring conservative speakers like Ann Coulter to campus.

Seeing as classes could be canceled any time someone with an alternative viewpoint wanders onto school grounds, it’s probably handy that CUNY assistant professor and founder Angus Johnston brought his lecture on swastikas and free speech and Nazi punching online Tuesday.

It’s quite a thread, but hang on tight, as there are a lot of twists and turns in this thing.

So what we need now is more discussion, and also more Nazi punching? We’re gonna skip ahead a bit and borrow someone else’s notes later.

Wonder how that could be; it’s all been so clear up until now.

So why the thread?

It looks like people sharing the thread think Johnston nailed down his argument pretty solidly.

We’re not convinced … this reminds us quite a bit of Howard Dean’s week-long argument that the First Amendment doesn’t protect “hate speech.”

Like the reported $600,000 bill for policing Ben Shapiro’s recent speech at UC Berkeley? The one where local business owners boarded up store windows and ATMs like they were preparing for a hurricane?

Is the issue really that complex? Don’t punch anybody.

Or this …

* * *