As Twitchy told you, some conservatives were a bit leery of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee referring to Jemele Hill’s recent anti-Trump tweet as “a fireable offense” — that’s up to ESPN to decide, and it looks they’ve decided to “address” Hill’s comments in-house and leave it at that.

One commenter made a good point: the White House was winning by not saying anything, but now the media will certainly spin the response as, “White House already antagonistic to reporters attempts to have journalist fired.”

Ironically, Hill’s response on Twitter to a story in The Hill about Kid Rock kicked off the tweets that led to the one calling President Trump “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” Now, The Hill is running a story under the headline, “White House: ESPN anchor that called Trump racist should be fired.”

Which is it: “should be fired” or “demands” be fired? Answer: Neither one.

But you just know this is the story critics of the Trump administration will cite when they claim the president demanded ESPN fire Hill.

Check Twitchy’s previous post on this story if you’re really interested — there are plenty cited there. But if the narrative is going to be that Trump demanded ESPN fire Hill, then it looks like that’s how it’s going to play out online.

Any paying attention the last few months will note it’s generally be progressives arguing in left-leaning newspapers that liberals have been a little too “absolutist” in their defense of the First Amendment … be thankful for the conservatives still willing to defend all speech, even “hate” speech.

Um, no, they didn’t. Any chance of correcting this tweet? Media Matters’ Matthew Gertz didn’t seem to get it either, even after posting video of the exchange.

“Next steps?” The first step would be admitting Next Step No. 1 was the first step. Maybe … WATCH THE VIDEO.

* * *