The last time we checked in on Define American founder José Antonio Vargas, people were passing around online the doctored Social Security card he says he’s used to pay thousands in taxes.

That stunt didn’t bring him any closer to deportation, and Saturday the New York Times gave Vargas yet another opportunity to speak from “the shadows,” where illegals apparently spend their time when they’re not protesting, appearing on cable news programs, writing op-eds, etc.

“The scariest stranger of all is the United States government,” he writes. “It could deport you from the place you call home. That’s a fear I live with.”

Obviously there’s more to the piece than what fit in the tweet, but there seemed to be an important distinction left out.

But … kicking out people here illegally would be “contrary to our spirit.” At least that’s what Barack Obama just wrote. And as CNN’s Jim Acosta contends, the poem bolted to the Statue of Liberty trumps immigration law — if you qualify as wretched refuse or a huddled mass, you’re in.

Isn’t it funny how the same people who cheered President Obama’s power grabs via executive orders and actions now warn against trusting the government? It wasn’t much fun for conservatives when the previous administration decided to weaponize the IRS, either.

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