Here’s a question for Twitchy readers: how many of you pay income and Social Security taxes and are here in the United States legally?

Sorry, there’s no prize for raising your hand. If you really want to impress people with the thousands you’ve paid into the system, post an image of your doctored Social Security card like celebrity illegal Jose Antonio Vargas did back in 2014.

OK, so you’re not only here in the country illegally, but you’re using a doctored Social Security card?

That was our thought, which was followed rather quickly with another question: why is he still here after pulling stunts like this for years?

The image of that doctored Social Security card made the rounds again this week in anticipation of President Trump’s decision on DACA.

Why wouldn’t he like breaking the law? It’s given him plenty to write about, and it’s opened up opportunities to direct critically lauded documentaries like “Documented” and MTV’s “White People.”

Tweeting them … FROM THE SHADOWS.

Maybe the Trump administration won’t find such stunts as amusing as the previous administration? Or maybe it will — it’s difficult to tell at this point.

* * *


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