Obviously the Democrats thought they had a sure thing in Hillary Clinton in 2016, and Barack Obama certainly went to sleep at night knowing that all of his executive orders would be kept intact, preserving his legacy as the president who cared so much he sometimes wished he were an emperor or a king unconstrained by an old piece of parchment.

The thing is, Hillary lost, and it can’t have been a secret to anyone in the Obama administration that those executive orders were just waiting to be rescinded by President Trump. The GOP can be so cruel and heartless.

Amy Sullivan, formerly of Yahoo News and TIME, gave this Vox-like explainer of how it all went down, and how President Obama really had no choice but to create DACA after trying the “normal channels.”

So … the duly elected representatives of the people wouldn’t pass the DREAM Act into law, so President Obama just had to do an end-run around Congress and create DACA via royal edict. Do we have that right?

Trump? No. Obama? Yes.

* * *