It looks like Twitchy narrow escaped a public shaming by TIME magazine. Readers might remember a piece from just a day ago, written by one of our female editors, “complaining” about all of the “toxic masculinity” on display as photo journalists kept filing pictures of big, strong men carrying women and children and the elderly through flood waters.

We called it “GLORIOUS,” but we apparently flew under TIME’s radar, which managed to pick off a tweet by Matt Walsh about one of the same photos.


Oh, that sexist Hurricane Harvey tweet. How could they not write an article? It’s bad enough that the photographer didn’t think to re-stage the photo so that the woman was carrying the man as he held the baby while strapped into a 20 lb. empathy belly. Photos like this one only serve to reinforce the very worst assumptions about gender.

TIME (actually, Fortune) did compile 12 tweets from “an actual gender studies prof” who couldn’t help but respond, but you’ll have to click over there to read it. Instead, here’s how the Internet responded to TIME’s article about that sexist Hurricane Harvey tweet.


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