Last Saturday, the big news wasn’t a right-wing rally in Boston that attracted a handful of people; it was the counter-protest, which the mayor estimated at some 40,000 people, some of whom decided to throw rocks and bottles of urine at cops since there were no Nazis about to punch.

This Saturday, an even smaller right-wing gathering that was supposed to take place in San Francisco — something called the Patriot Prayer rally — moved to a smaller venue, shrank to a press conference, and then disappeared entirely.

The press conference didn’t even happen.

That didn’t stop counter-protesters, also known as “anti-hate” protesters, from converging on the site of the rally that didn’t happen. Police reportedly were kept busy trying to contain the crowd, which led to some friction between cops and the anti-hate crew.


There sure are a lot of people with the faces masked.

KTVU reporter Tara Moriarty took a lot of flak on social media for reporting that black bloc protesters had shown up, although the black face masks scattered throughout the crowd seem to indicate that some counter-protesters were ready for trouble.

Without a Patriot Prayer rally to yell at, protesters were free to just yell.

Turns out the (very small) Patriot Prayer group did speak to the media at another location than the one originally planned. If you listen to only one video in this post, make it this one:

Check out this headline from a Columbus, Ohio television station warning about possible violence at a right-wing rally — a rally that was canceled in favor of a press conference.

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