We’d suggest that in the future wars will be fought not on the battlefield but on social media, but it looks like it’s already happening. It was weird enough watching officials from Norway and Denmark squabble online over which country was the true homeland of trolls, but now Russia and Ukraine are getting into it.

As Twitchy reported, Russia’s official Twitter account responded to a new batch of sanctions signed into law by President Trump by issuing a sort of threat, accompanied by what looks like an ad for a Renaissance fair. We’re going to go ahead and assume these aren’t the same people who “hacked” the 2016 election with their mad computer skills.

Now Ukraine has jumped in, choosing to troll Russia over its threat that America will perish by sanctions if that’s the route it chooses to take. Oh, and they included a South Park GIF to illustrate their point.

That is quite a burn.

* * *