There really isn’t any point in identifying Peter Daou by any title other than Hillary Clinton superfan; if there’s a more vocal, die-hard believer, we don’t know who it is.

So it says a lot when Daou ventures beyond reflexive Hillary Clinton cheerleading to advise Democrats on a 2020 campaign that doesn’t include her, but very well might feature another run by Bernie Sanders, who, incidentally, is not a Democrat.


As Twitchy reported earlier, Daou isn’t the only veteran of the Hillary campaign sending a warning against Sanders. Brian Fallon on Monday sent a pretty clear message to the “Bernie wing” of the party: back off of criticizing “rising Democratic star” Sen. Kamala Harris.

Whereas Hillary Clinton enlisted young whippersnappers like Elizabeth Warren, Al Gore, and even Sanders to help her win over millennials, 2020 could be a very different ball game. Sure, Joe Biden could run, but Democrats also have their eyes on younger talents like Harris and Sen. Cory Booker.

On Monday, Daou issued his own red alert regarding Bernie Sanders, whom many consider the most popular veteran of the 2016 campaign.

That’s not saying much, when magazines like Rolling Stone are running pieces asking why Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau can’t be our president too.

He’s half right … the Democrats do have some young, charismatic leaders being groomed for higher office, but they’re only exciting if you’re pretty far to the left and hoping to go farther. And as far as Bernie being popular and exciting … well, that concept has managed to elude us from the very beginning. Then again, if a guy who looks like your grandpa shows up at your college and promises everyone free tuition …

In short, we’re just glad to have a reminder that as fractured as the Republicans seem to be (MAGA vs. #NeverTrump, John McCain vs. the entire GOP), the Democrats aren’t exactly a united front either.

The mainstream media isn’t going to want to draw attention to Democrat infighting, but we’re happy to change the channel for a bit and see what’s going on across the aisle.

* * *