Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her first press briefing Wednesday as White House press secretary and told reporters that, every once in a while, she’d start the briefing with a letter or email sent to the White House. She then proceeded to read a handwritten letter from a 9-year-old boy named Dylan, aka “Pickle,” who considers Donald Trump his favorite president.

Hmm … just who is this “Dylan” person, and what’s his connection to Russia?

For the record, Olivia Nuzzi of New York Magazine is not a fan of the new format.

Tell us about it:

We really need to know more about this “Dylan” person, ASAP … quick, pull everybody off of the Imran Awan story and track this kid down, now. If only there were mainstream journalists who didn’t consider doxxing a 9-year-old ethically out of bounds.

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