Here’s the thing: once we saw “Avengers” director Joss Whedon post a “humorous” tweet about his fantasy in which a rhinoceros sodomizes House Speaker Paul Ryan to death with its horn, we knew we were dealing with a very special individual. He’s the kind of guy who says violence solves nothing and then posts his treatment for a political snuff film on Twitter.

So, yeah, we’re happy to put him in the same basket with Linda Sarsour, who fantasized about women’s genitals being taken away. Both belong to the Left, lock, stock, and barrel.

So when Whedon decides to post a love note to the “girl” who got away and whom he likes to call “Madam President,” keep in mind that she’s all his, he’s hers, and we’d prefer not to touch either one with a 10-foot selfie-stick. Progressives, they’re all yours.

Oh, we almost forgot: here’s that love note in which Whedon fantasizes about a Hillary Clinton who didn’t embarrass the United States with a toy “reset” button to clean the slate between America and Russia.

OK, yes, she’s 69 years old, but it’s cool if Whedon calls her a “girl,” right? That’s not the patriarchy at work, since they’d close buds and all.

Since that sentiment wouldn’t fit in one tweet, and not one precious adjective could be excised, we got something that looks like a greeting card parked on the bottom clearance rack.

Respectfully, to anyone who actually read the emails that weren’t deleted and wiped clean with BleachBit for some reason (oh, right, it was an accident), Clinton’s emails were very much a problem … unless the fact that the attempt to cover up the Benghazi debacle went into action immediately and straight from the top doesn’t bother you. If it doesn’t, you don’t have much standing to complain about transparency now.

And even if every word of Whedon’s free-verse love poem were true — shouldn’t the President of the United States have, you know, done something about it at the time? Instead, the Obama administration “kind of choked,” thinking Clinton’s coronation was a done deal anyway.

At least he can dream about the girl who got away.

* * *