You might remember that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did a bit of trolling of the Trump administration when that very first travel ban went into effect and hordes of protesters spontaneously descended on JFK International’s Terminal 4. As chaos was breaking out there, Trudeau quietly issued a welcome to Canada via Twitter which has since amassed more than 775,000 “likes.”

See … Trudeau himself is waiting at the airport to greet you, with a new winter coat as well. Trudeau is kind of like that — he’s everywhere, building pillow forts in his office and photobombing prom dates and giving a high-five to a little Wonder Woman during the Pride parade while wearing “Ramadan-themed” gay pride Eid Mubarak socks.

Yes, but what has he done lately? Most recently, the prime minister was spotted making the acquaintance of Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, the two-month old son of Syrian refugees who named their child after him.

The cowboy hats? Trudeau was in Calgary, Alberta for the annual rodeo.

Plenty of Americans already asked if they were included in Trudeau’s original welcome, but some in Canada are concerned that illegals in America fleeing across the northern border are eating up the budgets of the small Canadian border towns where crossings are common. They’ll work it out, though.

If we remember correctly, Samantha Power’s place is open to refugees who’d rather not relocate north for reasons we couldn’t possibly understand.

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