We’ll admit we’re stumped sometimes by what President Trump tweets as well as the time of day (or night) he sends it; a lot of the time he seems to be responding to whatever’s being broadcast on cable news at the moment.

On Monday morning, for example, the president celebrated his return from the G20 Summit by circling back to fired FBI Director James Comey and the memos he reportedly typed up to document every interaction with the president.

We’ll leave it to others to prove whether any classified information was leaked. But the whole story is bizarre: the allegation that President Trump had met with Comey to pressure him into dropping an investigation into Michael Flynn allegedly arose from one of Comey’s memos, a document the New York Times reported on without having seen. Instead, an unnamed friend of Comey’s read parts of the memo to a Times reporter over the phone.

And then there were the hearings.

During his Senate testimony, Comey admitted to having friends leak his memos, but with the heat on again, one of those friends is pulling the old Hillary Clinton defense and noting that nothing he saw was “marked” classified.

Anyone paying attention during the campaign season certainly noted how careful Clinton was careful always to refer to documents being “marked classified” and not simply classified by their very nature.

Yes, we’re going to play this stupid game again.

So … can we see the memo now?

* * *