“Hey,” you ask, “didn’t you guys just pick on comedian Michael Ian Black in a post last week?” Why yes, we did, and congratulations on having such a keen memory.

Black was among many who seemed truly unnerved by President Trump’s speech in Poland in which he referred to Western values. At the time, he seemed a bit stuck on the definition of Western Civilization as Trump was employing it, but by Monday he seemed to have gotten his thoughts together.

For what it’s worth, Black did say that funny thing that one time, and so we thought we’d gather his revised analysis into one, comment-free thread. Our readers, by all means, are encouraged to comment away, but we really seem to have here an honest appraisal of the GOP from the perspective of the left.

Do we agree with any of it? In substance, no, not at all — although the GOP does have a mighty PR fight on its hands.

Maybe he’s right … not even the McDonald’s menu makes sense to us anymore.

* * *