It really didn’t seem possible that the takes on Otto Warmbier, whose family announced his death Monday, could get any more cruel that those floated by outlets like Salon, The Huffington Post, and Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show,” all of which took “frat boy” Warmbier to task for expecting his white privilege to allow him to not be imprisoned and brutalized by North Korea.

As ill-advised as they were, however, those pieces all made it to print and air last year, long before North Korea finally returned Warmbier to the United States in a coma. It would take a horrible person — the Clinton campaign’s social media guru, for example — to exploit his death to try to make a dubious point about race Monday.

Could people go any lower? It’s Twitter, so yes, they could. Why not use news of Warmbier’s death to make a statement on U.S. health care?

Well, if not even the U.S. health care system could save him, just imagine what will happen if the GOP passes the American Health Care Act.

Crazy how some Republicans think they hold some moral high ground over the North Koreans, huh?

* * *