There was a lot of love shown for Rep. Steve Scalise Thursday night at the congressional baseball game. Recent word is that Scalise recently came out another surgery and remains in critical condition.

Hopefully Scalise will recover soon and be able to see a replay of the game, with the first pitch thrown out by wounded Capitol Police Officer David Bailey before a crowd of 25,000 people.

Wow, a packed baseball stadium giving a standing ovation to a bigoted homophobe like Scalise? Didn’t any of these people click on Fusion’s click-bait to end all click-bait headline earlier today?

Well, there goes the whole “unity” narrative. Don’t forget, though; it’s Trump whose responsible for this coarsening of public discourse:

No one has degraded discourse more, but Fusion gave it their very best shot. Of course, Fusion’s evidence that Scalise is a bigot comes from a since discredited report by a lefty blogger whose piece was picked up by the Washington Post and other mainstream outlets and kept alive by the SPLC and it’s “Hatewatch” file.

Maybe Fusion wrote another piece about President Trump visiting the hospital Wednesday night, but this headline was enough for one day, thanks.

If anyone would like to learn more about Griner and her heroic actions Wednesday, the Baltimore Sun has an excellent and highly recommended piece. Fusion’s writers might want to read this, but we doubt it:

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