Katy Perry has a brand new album to promote, but with “Witness” receiving an underwhelming aggregate score of 51/100 on Metacritic, it’s awfully handy that interviewers can fall back on politics.

Perry, 32, isn’t new to politics, having literally performed at a campaign event in 2012 wearing a latex dress adorned to look like a ballot with the Obama/Biden box penciled-in. Campaigning for Hillary Clinton, though, was likely a lot more work that either Perry or Clinton expected, with Perry knocking on dormitory room doors in the closing days trying to seal the deal with younger voters.

Like many of those younger voters, Perry seemed to have been broadsided by the fact that your candidate doesn’t always win — and that’s when she really decided to get serious about politics. She’d like to share her thoughts on being “woke,” if you wouldn’t mind.

There is one interesting tidbit in the massive piece: her memory of hearing that Hillary Clinton wasn’t on her way to the Javits Convention Center to give her victory speech, a moment she described as “traumatizing.”

This interview’s not even worth reading for a cheap laugh. Sorry, New York Times, but once Perry went on video with DeRay Mckesson to atone for her past sin of cultural appropriation, there were no more sharks left to jump.

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