Wednesday afternoon’s headlines — in particular, HuffPo’s TRUMP TO PLANET: DROP DEAD — pretty much said everything progressives had to say following President Trump’s announcement that the United States would be pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

We get it: Earth is doomed because the U.S. pulled out of an agreement that, as MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes succinctly pointed out, “QUITE LITERALLY IMPOSES NOTHING” and yet was humanity’s last chance for survival.

While plenty on social media swore they felt the temperature rise several degrees as Trump made his announcement, New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi noted the “incredible timing” of this press release from the Department of Homeland Security.

Whoa — on the very same day that Trump said “Screw you” to the entire planet, DHS was announcing the release of its hurricane preparedness video. Is that incredible timing, or is that incredible timing?

Well, that’s what they’d have you believe. As the release begins, “Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly released a video to kick off the official start of hurricane season, which begins today, June 1st.”

Whatever the reason, be sure to pay especially close attention to this year’s video, now that the hurricanes know there’s no Paris Agreement to hold them back.


* * *