Today’s bombshell report on President Trump comes via the New York Times and alleges that Trump asked James Comey during a private meeting to drop his investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

That meeting took place last February, and Congress would like to see Comey’s memo documenting the meeting. The New York Times hasn’t seen it, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz reportedly has his subpoena pen ready.

Some are asking, though, why Comey didn’t report this alleged obstruction of justice at the time, and instead sat on the information until after he’d been fired.

Laura Ingraham accused Comey of payback:

CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that a source close to Comey suggests Comey had thought he’d pushed back on the request significantly and thus let it drop. No big deal, right? Except for the fact that a memo from that meeting has shifted impeachment talk into high gear.

The source’s explanation doesn’t really clear up much, and it’s strange in a couple of ways. First, it suggests Comey either didn’t perceive any attempt at obstruction of justice or did and just let it slide. Second, all of this is coming from a source close to Comey; even the memo itself was read, in part, to a New York Times reporter who never saw it.

It certainly seems suspicious that Trump and Comey were the only two people in the room when the request was made; however, the explanation given to Tapper also requires this unnamed source to know an awful lot about Comey’s thoughts on the subject.

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