Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on Monday signed a proclamation that marks the beginning of the end of the federal school lunch guidelines championed by former first lady Michelle Obama.

According to a press release, the move “begins the process of restoring local control of guidelines on whole grains, sodium, and milk.”

Fact check, please; we’ve been told for decades that Republicans want children and old people to starve. And yet it was the pitiful lunches served under Michelle Obama’s guidance that inspired students to shoot a song parody called “We Are Hungry.”

“If kids aren’t eating the food, and it’s ending up in the trash, they aren’t getting any nutrition,” said Perdue. Patricia Montague, CEO of the School Nutrition Association, agreed: “We don’t want kids wasting their meals by throwing them away. Some of our schools are actually using that food waste as compost. That shouldn’t be happening.”

Perdue, who has 14 grandchildren, does seem to know a thing or two about kids and food.

“A perfect example is in the south, where the schools want to serve grits,” he noted. “But the whole grain variety has little black flakes in it, and the kids won’t eat it. The school is compliant with the whole grain requirements, but no one is eating the grits. That doesn’t make any sense.”