The peasants are revolting! has rounded up a number of complaints from students about skimpy school lunches mandated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and kids have even put together their own “We Are Hungry” music video to protest the clampdown on calories.

First lady Michelle Obama went so far recently as to call obesity America’s number one security threat, but if these kids don’t get something to eat soon, there might be a revolution from within against #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu. So what’s cooking?

Maybe some re-education will make you kids appreciate these new smaller portions.

  • Hiraghm

    #MichelleOsSchoolLunchMenu How about a nice hot cup of shut the hell up, Moochelle?

    Even if she WERE the 1st lady, she’s got NO BUSINESS trying to dictate diet! She’s NOTHING in our government! Giving the President’s wife some kind of pseudo-official position turns the republic into a monarchy! /rant

  • Jourden

    Yes she thinks it’s great for kids to chew a hole in their shirt because they are hungry. My grandson did that. He’s seven in Nov.

  • Josephine (D)

    #MichelleOsSchoolLunches a big serving of regulations.

  • TugboatPhil

    Can we now at least consider that “free” school lunch programs are scams and there is a possibility that some money is being wasted? When I was a kid, the kids that got free lunches were actually poor. The rest of us either brought a sandwich or paid for lunch at the cafeteria.

    Oh yeah, and maybe we could the federal government the eff out of local schools like it’s supposed to be.

    • weRbroke

      Many mocked a First Lady with a teaching degree for promoting literacy. Then we get a First Lady with a law degree, and she throws her weight behind fighting obesity. This one has more than a few taxpayers PISSED OFF. Enough that they are NOT voting for BO so they can get rid of the FoodNazi that is pushing government mandated starvation of this nation’s kids.

      • TugboatPhil

        “… and she throws her weight behind fighting obesity.”

        Well played! 100 bonus points!!

        • weRbroke

          Even the replacement refs can’t take that TD from me!

      • Liberty

        Michelle Obama’s not even licensed to practice law currently. (Neither is BO.) She should just shush.

      • AZcommenter

        And it’s an Affirmative Action law degree, at that. Why did it take Michelle Obama (Robinson then) more than a year after graduating from Harvard Law before she was admitted to the Illinois bar? Did she fail the Illinois bar exam? Once or twice? And why did Michelle only last a couple of years in the only job she ever had practicing law (at Sidley & Austin, where she worked right after graduating Harvard, despite not having a law license for a year)? And why was every job Michelle had after Sidley & Austin a non-lawyer, political patronage job? And why was slumlord/political fixer Valerie Jarrett the person who secured all those high-paying, make-work, non-job jobs for Michelle Obama?

        • yahoo-Z5XK22SPFSB6LDTMBYXIK3FCCY

          Yeah, I was always amused that John-John had to take the exam 3 times to pass, with tutoring between each attempt. But that was Ok, because he was a (genuflecting here) Kennedy.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Well, I’ll be fair here — Bar exams ARE difficult, by and large, and it shouldn’t be accounted a dishonor BY ITSELF that you had to take it a couple of times. A few states put limits on how many times you may retake before declaring you a lost cause. Also, exams aren’t on demand, they’re only scheduled a few times a year tops, I believe. Here in Mass. it’s twice, right after each end of semester.

          Now, that said — where did JJ take his? Here in Mass.? Because the Mass. Bar Exam is famously –even notoriously– easy to pass, relatively speaking, and I believe regularly has the highest percentage of first-time passers in the country. Heck, =I= passed it first time, and I’m just an ignorant bitter clinger!

  • lazypadawan

    Michelle Obama turned every American public school cafeteria into “Oliver Twist”: “Please FLOTUS, I want some more.” They’ll probably hang kids asking for seconds too.

  • BOsMagicWishMachine

    Shades of “Let them eat cake”,anyone?

  • Aestro

    Oh no, children are being FORCED to eat vegetables in the meals provided by government schools! Who are they to say what a school cafeteria serves? Next they’ll have to exercise and do homework!

    When did it become a contentious point that we should feed kids healthy food? OH right, when a democrat suggested it.

    • ByondPolitics

      at the point you tell me what’s healthy instead of me… that’s when it became contentious. Here’s a bonus clue: going hungry isn’t healthy.

      Raising children, including feeding them, can’t be done by committee while pretending every kid will just eat the same damn thing.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        So, you’re telling me that it doesn’t take a village?!? /headdesk.

        • weRbroke

          need some ice for that concussion?

      • Aestro

        You can tell a kid eating pizza every day is healthy, but you’d be wrong.

        I’m fairly certain the government CAN choose what it serves in the cafeterias of the schools it runs.

        • weRbroke

          I am fairly certain that they will find out they can’t do it successfully.

    • TomJB

      Oh where to begin:

      The kids aren’t being forced to eat anything, but they cannot refuse to have the vegetables served to them. Hundreds of pounds of food are being thrown out untouched.

      The lunches are 750-850 calories on average. Any idea what active, growing kids need in that meal that is their only intake between about 7am and 5pm? Significantly more than that.

      Re: exercise. Schools have been getting rid of gym class to save money and recess to avoid little Johnny having to deal with the stigma of being “it” from time to time in a game. They don’t get exercise at school any more.

      Re: homework. Lower grades in schools are starting to give less to no homework. Not because they kids learn in the school, but because so many parents are complaining to schools about what they are being “taught”. Instead, they try to keep the parents in the dark a bit longer.

      This is not Democrat vs. Republican, though you seem to view it that way. If you want to use your kids as some sort of human shield behind which you can sling your mud, go right ahead. The simple fact is, the obesity problem is relatively new and accelerating. When today’s 40-somethings and older grew up, we had the same meals, even worse, and did not have these problems. So what changed? What else is also relatively new and accelerates as it sees new and bigger “problems” everywhere? If you said government intervention, you get a gold sticker for the day. That, aestro, is no coincidence; as the government meddles more and more in nutrition, you will see less of it. You can start with that stupid food pyramid, or whatever they recently evolved it into and go from there.

      • Netmilsmom

        Or you could homeschool and feed your kids yourself. That’s what I do. They get a full meal AND I skip the side of indoctrination.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Or, you’re a responsible parent and you pack their lunches. I have 6 siblings, 2 being 10 years younger than I, and so therefore were not in school when I was, yet my 4 other siblings and I all got our lunches made for us. If I didn’t finish my lunch, I brought it home for my after-school snack, instead of eating cookies.

        • TomJB

          Net yes, that would be the ideal. Even better if laws would allow homeschool parents to pool resources and specialize amongst themsselves: this parent teaches math, this one English, etc. But we can’t have that, can we?

          KAdams: as is brought up over and over ad nauseum but still ignored by those making you point: some schools do not allow students to bring in outside lunches. In those schools where they can, you are absolutely correct.

          • weRbroke

            Actually, if the Feds continue with the insanity, a few parents have talked of kicking the public school to the curb and turning it into a CHARTER. different rules apply for instructors and we have a administrator that is willing to move it forward. Our community has invested much in keeping our school open. Rather than let it die as other districts, WE borrowed and WE paid to keep it up to date and OPEN. We are absorbing students from other districts. our teachers KNOW that we will kick them to the curb if they strike. Those teachers invested in the community will remain, those who are not will move on. We realize our future relies on feeding not only bodies but minds and creating the next generation of productive people with their futures in mind.

          • TomJB

            @weRbroke Great! Good luck to you all! Hopefully this turns into a trend. It only makes sense as the natural evolution of homeschooling your own kids is teaming up with other parents to lighten the load a bit and teach subject in which they have personal expertise. I forsee a long and unfortunate legal and legislative battle though (even worse than against current charters) against the deep pocket teachers unions before there is an easy way to set up competing schools.

          • weRbroke

            legal battle?…nothing that bankruptcy can’t rearrange. It would only take for our voters to vote NO to borrowing more money after we just voted to borrow and pay millions to update. We just voted to borrow and our taxes are going to go up. If they come back next year…BEGGING for more money, I am likely to hand them their hat in front of the school board. many parents aren’t paying attention, but I am. it is clear to us that when the school begs for more money to keep something, they cut something else after they get the $$$. I have online access to the textbooks, and it is clear what they are mandated to teach…
            My state is pretty good about charters. We also have open enrollment, and a significant portion of rural schools that have already learned how to share teachers, pair sports teams and do what it takes to keep the doors open. The deep pockets of unions don’t bother paying attention to districts that don’t have enough dues to make it worth their efforts. It will be the natural revolution BACK to where the control for education used to be…LOCAL.

          • redheadgrl

            I know in GA there is a fierce battle right now in the state legislature to keep Charter schools.

          • weRbroke

            Fight hard to keep them! They are one way of taking back some of the control from the FEDS.

    • weRbroke

      Do you have kids?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Probably not.

        • weRbroke

          Democrats in Congress called it the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. Oddly, my skinny kids are not picky, love veggies and fruit…the crap offered is not enough calories for them. Not only are my kids HUNGRY, millions of others are too. Kids that don’t need to lose. Just another example of the crapsandwich they made, dipped it in “chocolate” and then relied on their base to defend. That “base” above probably has no clue about nutritional needs, outside of what it was TOLD to believe.

          • redheadgrl

            What do they call it when their “good” legislation actually hurts more than it helps? Unintended consequences?

          • weRbroke

            They should have to EAT their friggen “good” legislation and they only get one ketchup packet.

    • redheadgrl

      Tom covered a lot of this issue. For starters, the lunches are restricted to 800 calories, which isn’t a lot for growing kids who are usually running around burning off energy during the day. I don’t have children, but I know a healthy, active adult with a normal weight needs between 1800-2000 calories per day. When you consider most breakfasts are around 400-500 calories, these kids need more than 800 calories for their lunch just to meet adult intake standards.
      Secondly, the food purchased by the schools is usually highly-process, low quality (Can you picture a 5 gallon can of green beans?). So, these veggies are so filled with sodium and other preservatives and chemicals that they are not any more nutritional than a pizza.
      I don’t have kids, but if I did, I would be sending lunch to school with them.

  • Maria

    She allows kids to EAT lunch? This is news to me!

  • elizabeth

    JUST because Moochelle Obama needs to vastly decrease the size of her huge badunkadunk doesnt mean she should impose her diet on our kids! Oh wait, there are tons of pics of her eating huge burgers, etc…. She is JUST like her husband, with her “do as I say, not as I do” lifestyle.

  • elizabeth

    these kids need some good old fashioned “re-education” courtesy of Moochelle.

  • Pennmom

    Next stop…Soylent Green….

  • CapitalG

    Whoa! Hope for our youth!

    Four years ago kids were begging their parents to vote for FAUXbama because they had their time already and they had to elect FAUXbama for some hopeychange.

  • Chip

    Smaller portions, same price. Sounds like redistribution to me!

  • John (it true me am)

    The private school I went to for a few years had lunches that would send Michelle into a frenzy. They had a sensible retail store shelf style setup I’m sure they made good money off of, complete with Hotpockets. Every Friday they’d have like 50 boxes of pizza delivered.. And the best part? Wednesday was Chick-fil-a day. There was a giant cube of nugget boxes stacked, just waiting to be devoured. And they always sold out.

  • weRbroke

    Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act 2010 Looks like the House Dems didn’t mind STARVING kids. JUST look at the nearly 100% D-onkey for for it. People, remind EVERYONE this one came from those DEMOCRATS. I looked up the senate version and found this amendment that allowed it to leave the senate on a voice vote, the slimey bastards couldn’t even hold a RECORDED VOTE for congressional record. Cripes Dems tucked a bunch of OTHER purposes into this whopper of a crapsandwich.


    Students: “We have no bread!”
    Michelle: “Let them eat cake.”
    Students: “We don’t *want* this!”
    Michelle: “Sit down and shut up. I will decide what is good for you and what isn’t.”

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, anyone?
      “How can you have any pudding, if you don’t eat your meat?!”


    Hold it. It just came to me. Michelle is using the Lady Bird Johnson model. Anyone remember her ‘Beautify America’ campaign? The crux of the plan was spreading manure.

  • weRbroke

    Hang this on the Democrats and Michelle-O. Kids won’t forget that they were starved by the party that pretends to give a damn.

  • weRbroke

    Anyone ever noticed how many fatasses sit behind a desk and lecture on nutrition? They have the paper on the wall, claim to know everything and are still FAT. They don’t want to address the problem…when people don’t have to WORK for their food, they get fat. instant food = fat There is a whole lobby dedicated to protecting people from having to work to create their own meals from scratch. Big $$$$

  • weRbroke

    My sister is an RN, and seems to think that she has the corner of the market on HEALTHY. Organic, Gluten Free, low fat, low sodium, soy protein replacements and a cart load of “supplements”. She is a walking talking billboard for the “HEALTHFOOD” industry, and claims to have all the answers for everyone with some health problem, they only need to go gluten free and its solved. Take some oregano, drink cranberry juice and green tea. (rolling eyes) she spends a fortune on prepared healthy snacks, always has SNACKS, and a cupboard full of crap no one wants to eat. Sauces, marinades, and flavors to enhance the taste of the cardboard she WANTS to believe is healthy. she is also quite obese and I witnessed WHY. On top of her dog and pony show of “perfect” portions and choice control, she was stuffing granola bars in like potato chips when no one was looking. When no one was in the house, she held the plate to her chin and SHOVELED in two/three servings extra while filling the dishwasher…while we were all outside playing with the kids. She’s not even CLOSE to the picture of good health inside or out…but she keeps telling herself that she is. Whatever. I put her nutrition lectures on ignore a while ago.

  • Dio Heerai

    Bag of hot air just like her husband

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    One thing I never got: We can’t have vending machines or soda machines at school (or at least the schools I’ve been to) but we can buy chips or ice cream while getting our food in the lunch line…>_>

  • BeeKaaay

    Democrats love to starve children. Of course, that hatred of children starts in the womb when they want to kill them there.

  • Zefal

    These kids’ palates are racists!