“Sesame Street” staple Big Bird has been around since 1969, so we’ll guess the first Democrat politician to cry about Republicans trying to kill him did so sometime around 1970. Despite all evidence suggesting that Big Bird truly is immortal, there’s a popular myth that the 8-foot puppet will die if any federal funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is cut.

Back in 2012, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was followed everywhere on the campaign trail by one protester or another in a knock-off Big Bird getup, and now that the Trump administration has unveiled a budget that would entirely eliminate federal funding for the CPB, Big Bird is once again taking point as the face of NPR and PBS. Here we go again.

The short answer? Yes, Big Bird will survive Trump. He would have anyway, but inking a deal with HBO in 2015 sure didn’t leave any residents of Sesame Street hurting for food.

* * *