As Twitchy reported earlier, both the Obama campaign and the lapdog media have responded to the president’s resounding debate loss Wednesday night by clinging desperately to Big Bird. Fortunately for them, hiding behind a large yellow puppet is made easier thanks to all of the volunteers happy to throw together a costume that vaguely resembles Sesame Street’s feathered multi-millionaire but ends up more frightening than Code Pink’s vagina costumes.

Earlier today we brought you this monstrosity spotted in Virginia, courtesy of Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.

“Big Bird” also made it to a Mitt Romney rally in Florida, and Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse was quick to alert the media to this critical development. It’s “an important message about priorities,” obviously.

Black Eyed Peas singer and Sesame Street guest has been tweeting vigorously in defense of Big Bird for days now.

It looks to us like these “Big Birds” are more likely to bring children terror and nightmares than joy and knowledge. Perhaps these concerned protestors could pony up for a licensed costume next time and send a few bucks to Big Bird that way.

ABC’s Rick Klein knows how to ask the tough questions.

  • Conrad2010

    Screw BB. He’s nothing more that big yellow feathered bully. He doesn’t look big to a kid on the TV. But let him show up where there is a group of kids and he sends them running in every direction yelling, screaming, pissing & shitting themselves.

  • W J P

    Big Bird makes $50 million/year. He’s a 1%’er

    • CJMartine

      so B.Bird is a millionaire, still on welfare? Sure he’s not in Obama’s SuperPAC?

      • lonestar50

        I bet PBS and NPR both contribute to the obama superpac’s.

      • Wendy Potzgo

        follow the money!

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    at least the show is staying out of this

    • Ken H.

      give them a production cycle… 😉

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Someone should give Chick-fil-A a call.

    • George Murrey

      No way, that bird is too old and will taste like garbage!

      • Wendy Potzgo


  • J.N. Ashby

    Inbreeding has done horrible things to the Bird family…

  • Postbackxp

    The only Big Bird I have seen is the turkey we have in the white house.
    Please cut his funding.

    • Catchance

      Awesome line!

    • $30736095

      OOOHHH! Check mate!

    • Wendy Potzgo


  • BeeKaaay

    Sesame street makes a lot of money by selling toys and can easily survive in a private setting.

    The rest of PBS… just leftwingwackoism being subsidized because it can’t handle reality.

  • nc

    Remember when a couple of people showed up at Tea Party rallies dressed up in Revolutionary costumes? The media and the left (pardon the repetition) presented that as proof we were all wacko extremists.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Haha, looks like the “Furries” might have some competition from the “Featheries”!

    /Eww, I feel all dirty just talking about such things…

  • William J. Miller

    “Does this rag smell like chloroform?”

    Jeez. Where are Benson and Stabler when you need them?

  • vetgal1970

    Obama’s rally cry is “save Big Bird” as the country swirls around the toilet bowl. Our enemies are sleeping well tonight.

  • Love of Country

    If any of those stoned stooges who are hysterically tweeting about big bird’s demise followed politics even just a little bit …. they would know Mitt never so much as hinted at the idea of getting rid of Big Bird, Sesame Street or PBS.

    Sadly, liberals just can’t seem to ever make meaningful arguments against Republicans w/o heavy usage of lies, hypocrisy, strawmen or projection and only make their most forceful arguments when they carefully incorporate all four.

    • Wendy Potzgo

      thanks for pointing out that formula, VERY WELL SAID!! and in this case we have a strawbird and don’t forget the strawvaginas…..

      • Love of Country


  • Rob Stevely

    I wonder how many of those defending PBS have every donated to it.

    • Ken H.

      Defending it or not, we have *all* “donated” to it!

      • Christina Johnson

        Ken, I’m pretty sure he meant voluntarily donated. Not being forced to by our tax money being given to them.

      • mkreider

        I donated regularly to PBS until I kept seeing “funder’s infformation” aka as commercials popping up and the never ending fund raisers hyping products.

    • Beverly Brock Viafora

      This is a very good point Rob! I bet it’s just a few if any!….

    • radishthegreat

      If they’re anything like the people who whined about proposed cuts to NPR funding…not a single one.

    • grais

      I’d guess: none of them.
      If they’ve donated, they’d know that private money is the lifeblood of PBS.
      If they’ve watched PBS, and managed to miss the Pledge weeks, they don’t even watch it very often.
      If they really believe a withdrawal of federal funds will kill PBS(fed $ is abt. 20% of its revenue) or Sesame Street (worth $400 mil), they’re just plain stupid.

      • Ken Alan Draper

        with cable & satellite subsciptionT.V. predominate there is no reason that PBS couldn’t run on it’s own on a basic cable package. especially if they sold commercial airtime.

      • Wendy Potzgo

        Agreed! The owners of the Sesame St trade mark make tons of money with their merchandise, anyone heard of Sesame Place??? Why don’t those begger, leaches just man up and join the private sector? I say why not sell themselves to another network or even buy the PBS broadcasting system for their own? If Big Bird cares so much for the children, they don’t they donate their abilities and talents “for the children” …ooooh that phrase just torques me! It’s really the attempt to pull heart strings so they can take more of our money for “themselves” and their agenda!!!! i used to love the muppets but the socialist agenda they indoctrinate our kids with has gone too far! I don’t need to support what i don’t agree with. Time to see if they can make it in the market… it’s sink or swim time!

    • JudyS

      The truth is that I have been forced to donate via taxes. PBS needs to advertise or ask the Democrats for a donation!

    • Brett McMicken

      i wonder how many of those whipping up stupid signs and costumes have ever put as much effort into finding a job.

      • JO

        Better yet, IF they put that much effort into finding a job, they would have one by now!

    • Linda Reinhart

      playing the ad hominem card ~

    • Bob Szabo

      Probably None of them,its all mouth and No action,I can’t see my tax money going to a place that my family dont use anyway,instead they need to cut all senators and congressman pay ,you know the ones who steal from the poor to give to the richer.

  • skillsss

    This Big Tird masquerading as a president will be unemployed soon. ROFLAO

  • skillsss

    This Mickey Mouse president, his VP. Mr. Goofy and that Rat Eric Holder need to join the ranks in the unemployment lines. ROFLAO

    • brianmouland

      Hillary-Oscar the Grouch

  • tsluf273

    I’ll say this much: If Romney can kill off that little red pain in the butt Elmo, then he’s got my vote.

    • Wendy Potzgo

      LOVE IT!!!!!

  • Roy Schoenfeld

    Big Bird is doing just fine without my tax dollars. ..I think if you look it is very, very difficult to understand why Big Bird, This Old House etc needs a federal subsidy. Like the dial telephone and Eight tracks …. things change over time.

  • George Murrey

    With all of the endorsements, toys and educational materials promoting Sesame Street, it is time to cut PBS subsidies for the bird and company. As for those other shows paid for by viewers like us, they have their own endorsements as well. Next time listen to the beginning and ending of the shows and you’ll know what I am talking about. There are a lot of corporations that underwrite those programs. Lastly, why does PBS keep having those fundraisers if we are subsidizing them? PBS will continue without our taxpayer dollars.

    • radishthegreat

      I’ve always thought the whole point of the fundraisers was to provide rich white liberals with totebags they can carry to show other rich white liberals that they “care” about the correct things.

      (Full disclosure…I gave money to Iowa Public Television once to get a Red Dwarf mug…and they cancelled their broadcast of the show. I also enjoyed their coverage of gubernatorial debates and the Iowa State Fair when I lived there, but they still don’t need federal money for that.)

      • Smokey Behr

        CPB gets 12% of its funding from the FedGov. Its CEO makes nearly $1 mil/year (More than POTUS!), so it’s time to cut funding and let Big Bird and Elmo stand on their own.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          Yup, and Sesame Workshop raked in $122 million last year. Big Bird is a one-percenter!

          • Wendy Potzgo

            big investment, big oil, big corporations, big walmart, BIG BIRD!

      • Ken Alan Draper

        They cancelled your fave Sci-Fi series because Big Bird demanded a raisI do love the episode of MST3K that featured a PBS affiliate production of “Overdrawn at the memory bank” that starred the late Raoul Julia.

      • mkreider

        I agree. If people feel public television is important – let them donate and feel good about it. When the country is broke, money used should be for the needy not the haughty.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      This comment brought to you by an endowment from the Ford foundation, & support from the bill & malinda Gates foundation.

  • Jeffrey Harbin

    Florida Big Bird looks like he shares the same coke dealer with Barky.

  • john

    Mark Levin said he would buy the rights to the show. So conservatives would own sesame street which would mean one day my kids could actually watch it!

  • Tina

    What these people need to realize is that cutting or reducing funds to PBS does not mean the end of Big Bird. That brand rakes in enough money to survive on any other channel. PBS is outdated. Viewers have plenty of other options compared to when the gov’t began funding the station. These libs just want something emotional to hang on to and to vilify Romney for. Its ridiculous and sad. They just don’t have anything of substance. Just a bunch of squawking….

  • Betty Legg Bailey

    If you want BIG BIRD and your PBS station, pay for it yourself. Don’t you people get it?????? America cannot keep borrowing and spending. We MUST cut back on the non-important things and I don’t consider BIG BIRD and PBS an important necessity.

  • Larry The pickman!

    I’m like millions of other many toys and advertisement they(PBS) do shouldn’t they be self sufficient..why do we need to keep donating funds..I know they don’t have public commercials but the do have major sponsors like..big oil and others!


    Levin said he would do away with the ‘donation drives’ if he aquired PBS. Yes, Mark Levin can buy SESAME STREET and fire ELMO. ELMO has always sucked. OSCAR rocks, so does GROVER and COOKIE and BURT and ERNIE.

  • sarainitaly

    “Unemployed in a Romney Economy”

    No, more like “Employed by a thriving profitable company and off the government dole in a Romney Economy”.

  • GTJessop

    Romney merely stated that he would cut government funding of PBS, not that he would eradicate it. Liberal comprehension skills turn that into ‘death to Big Bird’… And my minority co-workers who support Obama wonder why I refuse to discuss politics with them?

    • Wendy Potzgo

      you know libs who don’t run away when challenged??? I’m agog!! everytime i try to have an intelligent political discussion they turn tail and run… oh no , maybe it’s ME!!!!!

  • CitizenEgg

    Maybe if they can swap Big Bird for Obama at the next debate…the yellow bird seems more popular with the left than their black jesus after that debate debacle

  • tvonthebrain

    poor poor Big Bird.
    Makes $millions every year on marketing , yet still can’t pay for his own home, has to rely on government to do so.

  • civet

    China’s lending us the money to pay for his show. Why shouldn’t the pirated costumes be designed and made by them as well?

  • $34609613

    omg, i want that job! But I would change the sign to “Eat more Cow!”

  • jobewan

    Guess I’ll have to chop Big Bird up, put the pieces in a wine press, and process the oil into gasoline for my car. Since we’re getting rid of Big Oil, that is.

    I wonder how much fuel Oscar the Grouch would yield?

  • William Ellis

    Apparently, there’s a proliferation of big birds. I know some hunters…

  • Guest

    Anyone ever notice on PBS, that it often mentions the Wasserman foundation? I have often wondered if Debbie Wasserman-Shultz is related?? Just curious.

  • Joseph Castonguay

    We are worried about Big Bird? When our Embassy is over run by
    terrorists? Our Ambassador and his staff is murdered and our President
    calls it ” A Bump In The Road”

    • JO

      EXACTLY! It’s what the liberal media has done for month on end. Distract from the real issues and talk about the dog on the roof.


      Obama hates Americans that is why he did not help the Ambassador. Thank you for your comment.

    • Wendy Potzgo

      oh now, now, you’re just being reasonable… just keep listening to the little muppet voices, this illness can be fixed… just hand over the money and it’ll all be fine

  • Joseph Castonguay

    Sesame Street merchandise in the last few years has brought in 211 millions dollars to PBS. I didn’t realize Big Bird was apart of the 1%

  • Russ

    My question is: Why isn’t there a requirement for PBS to pay back it’s government subsidies with whatever profits they make?

    • Wendy Potzgo

      only wish it worked that way

  • BeautifulAmerica

    This reminds me of the woman who won the lottery (Michigan?) and wouldn’t cut her welfare.

  • Frank Enstine

    Where in the HELL do these protestors find the time to protest???? Oh, wait, they have plenty of time, as they have NO JOBS, thanks to BIG TIRD – Obama !!!

  • Frank Wischmann

    I wonder if this Obamabots realize that PBS gets most of there money from private donations.

  • King Umbarrii

    Big bird is just another communist puke with his hand out waiting for you tax dollars.Big bird needs to find more communist pukes that will give money to PureBullS/it. The leftist can ask Obama and Biden to donate money that should give them more than enough money….for about 30 seconds.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    With the millions of dollars that sesame street rakes in from merchandising, PBS could run on it’s own without using the government to steal taxpayers money. if the oil companies made as obscene a profit as Childrens television workshop did the left wing in this country would be frothing at the mouth.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    nice picture of big birds downs syndrome cousin.

  • David Neumann

    My daughter watches the Sprout network which shows all the PBS programs in a commercial format. There is no need for government subsidy of public television.

  • nc

    Libbies never learn. Cutting the public funding to something that clearly doesn’t need it doesn’t mean “ending it.” This applies to everything, whether it’s Big Bird or Fluke’s contraceptives.

  • Jose

    This is Obama’s occupy movement now with a new mission.


    Big Bird Loves the Republicans I think. The PBS company needs to stop taking our TAX money. They make so much money.

  • DarFitz

    Tweet tweet tweet big bird. Your goose is cooked….It’s about time.. You have pocketed enough off of the taxpayers. Time to learn how to fly on your own.

  • Bill

    Check out B.B. #2’s feet, Ronald McDonald moonlight’s as B.B.

  • vino veritas

    The obamabot morons like lameiam (or whatever he calls himself) are beyond any help as they seem all to happy to substitute the odor of obama’s propaganda for oxygen. I do think, however, that any efforts to cut off funding for pubic TV should be stringently targeted, publicly, against the specific people responsible for corrupting those children’s shows into disgusting left wing propaganda outlets. The libs while not, then, be able to take control of the narrative by using big bird as their prop tool.

  • Polly Esther

    You know dang good and well that some democrat operative paid some loser to put on those costumes

  • Conservative First

    Again the liberals are saying that something they deem as good can only come about if the government funds it.

    And someone remind me when Romney said he was going to end Sesame Street? If I remember correctly, he said the government’s going to stop paying for PBS.

  • Trevor Senko

    Sesame Street over the past few years has turned to shit any ways!!! Send that shitty bird a flying!!! When the show has become so PC that they change cookie monster name because cookies are bad for kids, screw that!!!

    And this post is brought to you by the middle finger, Big Turd.

  • mkreider

    Hey Big Bird/Sesame Street has made a lot more money than Romney. They should be funding PBS! A is for AMERICA (IS) B is for BROKE….This is what the liberal Democrats need to learn.

  • Conserve Truth

    PBS wants to know if you trust Mitt more POLL:::

  • Wendy Potzgo

    i’m hoping this comment gets to Love of Country. I would like to take your “formula” :”liberals just can’t seem to ever make meaningful arguments against
    Republicans w/o heavy usage of lies, hypocrisy, strawmen or projection
    and only make their most forceful arguments when they carefully
    incorporate all four.”
    and post it on my FB and give you credit, would that be ok with you? and how will i know if you’ve answered me, will it be on twitter? I am new to this twitchy thing… i love Michelle! thank you, wendy potzgo

  • Bob Szabo

    Here in a few years with obama running it, we will just turn the keys over to china and big bird will start chatting in chinese for all you Big bird supporters , and hell with the important issues.

  • Sam Howard

    Why can’t PBS and NPR just advertise like every other channel??? Gezzz.

  • hyjacker

    Do you know how fast SS would be picked up by private investors. How quickly NBC ABC or any other network would pick it up and pay for it. We don’t need to subsidize that show it makes millions of dollars every year that get flushed down the black ho;e that is PBS. IF PBS gets cut the good programs ill be bought in a flash and on the air in a week. Right now there are over 100 bidders and investment groups that want the rights to run that show.