Rather than deliver an understated farewell address from his desk in the Oval Office, President Obama went full rock concert before a crowd of thousands in Chicago. The choice of city was no surprise, but Obama might have mentioned something about Chicago having just wrapped up a year in which the city racked up 783 homicides, the most in 20 years.

As the president prepares to leave office, plenty are saying their own goodbyes to him, and on Tuesday, the Brady Campaign thanked the president for being a strong advocate against gun violence.

It feels good to know that Twitchy isn’t the only one who noticed that when President Obama began commuting prison sentences by the hundreds, a significant number of felons with firearms violations were among the “mostly nonviolent drug offenders” given a second chance. And look — 209 more were granted today alone.

Dana Loesch is another who took note of the president cutting prisoners’ sentences because he considers current drug penalties outdated and unfair … and if that convicted felon just happened to have a stolen handgun with an altered serial number in his possession, well, that’s beside the point. Funny how the many White House press releases touting the president’s commutations never, ever mention the gun violations.

Update: Mark Knoller of CBS News says to expect even more commutations, likely at the very last minute Thursday.