WikiLeaks just keeps on leaking, and though one of Thursday’s tweets teased emails sent via President Obama’s secret address, the emails were exchanged before and on Election Day 2008, so the findings aren’t quite a juicy as the FBI’s revelation that the president had been using a pseudonym in emails to Hillary Clinton’s unsecured server that he didn’t know anything about.

They are pretty meh, and the White House has no intention of discussing any emails supposedly sent by President Obama while he was a private citizen.

Still, the emails to and from [email protected] give a little insight into the work being done by Obama’s transition team. Considering that just four years later Mitt Romney’s debate line about binders full of women would inspire feminist outrage (and some sorry looking Halloween costumes), Obama’s lucky his lists of cabinet candidates sorted into “rough food groups” weren’t toted around in Trapper Keepers.

Let’s see if Obama’s diversity list checks out: it included separate baskets of African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans, and Disabled Americans. Women were listed on their own dedicated sheet.

Whoever Larry is hasn’t been confirmed, but there’s one clue: women weren’t his taste. It sucked that Susan M. Collins wasn’t available, but an Asian would be OK.

Ugh. Women, right?