As Twitchy reported, lefties are creepily obsessed with Mitt Romney’s remark about the “binders full of women” he and his staff looked through when considering potential female employees for his cabinet. They’re convinced that Binder-gate will singlehandedly destroy the Romney campaign, because, clearly, Romney is nothing more than a misogynist who refuses to see women as women. Funny, then, that these same liberals are positively giddy about the potential for “binders full of women” Halloween costumes:

These pathetic lefties, so quick to lob the misogynist label at Romney, can’t wait to witness the impending Halloween parade of women in “slutty” binder costumes:

See? Objectification of women is totally cool when liberals do it!

A website for the costume has already sprung up:

Complete with more misogyny and racism:

Way to go, liberals.



Anti-Mormon bigots: Romney has ‘binders full of women’ to keep track of sister-wives

  • Danny Wheeler

    And they accuse US of the “War on Women”?

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    Hard to decide if this “binders” BS is more lame or more moronic.
    Didn’t think the dems could top Big Bird and “lady parts” on the stupidity level of campaign issues ! Boy was I wrong…..

  • Jack Deth

    Do these creatures really think that costumes are going to garner votes for their high pitch voice, neurotic Messiah and his schizo ‘Chester the Molester’ VP?

    If these lefty women buy it. They need to work it! Then sponge themselves off with a Cat’s Head Biscuit afterwards.

  • JoH113

    A lot of…50 Shades of Grey imagery in this article title LOL

  • salvagesalvage

    So… you think misogyny is joking about Halloween costumes?

    A more accurate example would be to declare that a woman is so stupid that they have to be shown an ultrasound of their fetus just to make sure they understand what’s going on in their own bodies.

    Or saying that there is a illegitimate form of rape.

    Or following a religion that declares women to be subservient to men.

    Or being opposed to equal pay and opportunities for women.

    It’s weird how you guys don’t understand obvious stuff.

    • grais

      But a TRUE example of misogyny would be thinking that women are all Julias, who need Big Daddy Government to help them live from cradle to grave because they’re incapable of taking care of themselves.
      Or defending a child rapist by claiming he didn’t commit “rape rape” against a 13 year old girl.
      Or declaring that NO religion should be denigrated while denigrating someone’s religion by claiming that it believes women are subservient to men.
      Or repeating the lie that conservatives oppose equal pay and opportunities for women.
      obvious stuff

      • salvagesalvage

        No, social programs help both sexes, the cartoons that play in your mind.

        That was Whoopie Goldberg and she’s an idiot, not sure why you think she sets policy about anything.

        Ah I love that, point out a fact about someone’s religion and they get all offended. The Catholic church is an excellent example of the misogyny in religion or can women be in positions of power within that church or is it just for the penis bearers?

        Tell me how the church fought for equal rights again for women?

        Senate Republicans Block Women Equal Pay Bill:

        • MissQuinn82

          I’m looking for the male version of Julia.. there wasn’t a single guy in that presentation. And that ‘cartoon’ played for everyone.

          I find arguing about the RCC’s mysogyny pretty shallow in the face of a 14 y/o getting shot for wanting education and those that shot her promising to finish the job if she comes home. That’s a war on women.

          I was able to get contraception easily, with or without insurance. It might not have been the caddy of BC, but it did the job.

          If you’re talking Lilly Ledbetter, it just makes it easier to SUE, which may come in handy for the female WH staffers that are being 17% less.

          I’m more interested in keeping my job or getting a better one. I can take care of my vagina just fine. I don’t need the government to do it. And I’m gonna vote for the guy who doesn’t use the term ‘lady parts’ on his tumblr. That’s just skeezy.


          • salvagesalvage

            So… unless someone is shooting at women it’s not misogynistic enough for you?

            Because you don’t have problems with health insurance no one else has problems with health insurance?

            > Lilly Ledbetter, it just makes it easier to SUE,

            Yes, that is part of it, see that’s one of the ways you prevent discrimination, you attach a financial penalty to it.

            >I’m more interested in keeping my job or getting a better one.

            Yeah, I get it, you only are about yourself and if you’re not having a problem you can’t understand why other people are having problems, why can’t those people just be like you?

            > I can take care of my vagina just fine. I don’t need the government to do it.

            No, but you might want to have a doctor offer some help and that can be very expensive so by pooling money via the government a system can be arranged in which everyone pays less as it’s bought in bulk. I know that sounds crazy but almost every other nation on the planet, certainly all the Western ones, do it. From England to Canada to Israel to Japan to Australia to all of Europe it works.

            It’s really weird that Americans think it’s better to have a system where an insurance company makes money from not having to pay out rather than an insurance system that just pay for people to get healthy.

            While spending billions on losing wars.

          • MissQuinn82

            It’s called perspective. There are more important problems in this world than getting birth control.

            Shakespeare said he law is an ass for a reason. It won’t do anything but make the trial lawyers rich. How about …I don’t know, Obama practicing what he preaches for a start.

            I think voting out the current administration is a good start way for people to be just like me… employed and contributing to society. What’s the problem with that?

            Oh yes, socialized medicine as the great nepenthe. The socialized medicine that’s already making this country go further into financial hock. The socialized medicine we did not want. Yes, we want to be like the UK, where patients are dying of neglect and thirst. My parents did not emigrate legally and left a socialistic country go to England, Israel or Japan, they came to America.

            From what I can tell, you aren’t American, are you?

            If you’re not, how about you stay the hell out of our quadrennial family spat. If you are American…and you like the socialized medicine so much that you’re willing to ignore a president who is wasting money on green investments gone red, along with perpetuating violations such as drone attacks and killing American Civilians on foreign soil … make good on the promises other liberals make whenever a Republican gets the presidency and … exunt, pursued by a Whole foods Employee. 😀


          • salvagesalvage

            There are always bigger problems than other problems, doesn’t mean they’re not problems but again, it doesn’t effect you so it’s not a problem.

            Yes, all the civil rights legislation ever did was make lawyers rich! Yup, no other effect.

            Ah yes, the “socialized medicine kills people!” as if uninsured people have no problems. I know, I know Mittens said no one dies like that but he’s actually, brace yourself, a liar. He lies about pretty much everything, see his “position” on abortion for an example.

            But weird how all those other nations keep their systems isn’t it?

            Oh and what was the system Governor Romney put in again? I bet if he was teh Democratic candidate (which he could have very well been) you’d be screaming about that too.

            Nope I’m not American and if you think posting on a wingnut website is “interference” then you’re not very clever.

            The drone attacks! And killing Americans on foreign soil. You’re against them are you? And when Bush was doing it? If Present Mittens does it?

          • MissQuinn82

            If I thought none of what you mentioned didn’t affect me, I would not be voting. I don’t know how people do things where you are from, but if I thought everything was fine, which is what you are implying I am thinking, I would let things go.
            You haven’t given me anything to contradict the arguments that I have offered except that he is a liar. And even then that has not been offered with anything to back them up. You offer Romney’s change of position on abortion as proof he is a liar. Obama changed his position on Same sex marriage. No one calls him a liar.

            There are other other solutions than the Lilly Ledbetter act. I just think that creating more things to sue people over does nothing but create more loopholes. And will not create actual income equality. If it hadn’t changed anything in the White House it was signed in…what good is it?

            Other nations are different. We do not want this system. With what we have implemented so far, If you’re talking about MassCare, it was done at the STATE level, with the consent of people of that State. Would I be against Romney doing it on the federal level, yes.

            How and when could Romney have been a Democrat? I’d love to know.

            You’re not really interfering, you’re spouting a good lot of static and exposing that you have no clue what goes on in this country; how we think or how we see things. You’ve spouted off talking points, stereotypes and cutesy nicknames.

            And as to the last charge, Obama promised change for the better from Bush. I’m just holding him to that.


          • salvagesalvage

            > And even then that has not been offered with anything to back them up


            Google is hard.

            > I just think that creating more things to sue people over does nothing but create more loopholes.

            Yeah, that’s what it does. Loopholes. That’s what you call an act that gives women legal recourse when they’re treated unfairly.

            And these other solutions proposed by the GOP are what? Oh, wait, they hate the idea of women working so there isn’t any.

            >We do not want this system.

            Yeah, that’s why four years ago they elected the guy who said he was going to do that system.

            And how convenient! It’s okay to do it at the State level but not the Federal because…?

            And since Obama has started any wars over WMD that never were (yes, yes, I know, Democrats voted for it too, that just means they’re stupid rather than stupid liars) already he’s doing better.

            Oh and there’s the small fact that he’s shrunk government, cut taxes on the middle class and has started America on a recovery path which Fox News hysterically calls “The worst recovery ever!” which is a bit like telling someone after their chemotherapy “The cancer is fading but it’s slower than usual.” as if somehow that makes it bad news.

            All things wingnuts pretend to be for but really? It doesn’t matter that Clinton left Bush with a surplus, all that you care about is “Winning”. Policy cause and effect doesn’t interest the wingnut in the slightest.

  • detroit19

    Quick question…do I wear my vagina costume over or under my slutty binder? (sarc)

  • grais

    They. Have. Nothing. Else.

  • Love of Country

    Michael [email protected]

    Just realized we’re going to have to deal with an inundation of ‘slutty binder’ costumes at Halloween this year. Thanks for nothing, Romney


    Yeah …. you go ahead, Michael Rhaney …. and we’ll be the ones dressed up as desperately over-reaching crackheads …. in your honor, naturally.

  • Slam1263

    I’m going to be loving those crazy Progs “Glory Hole” costumes this Halloween.

  • shellsla

    it’s a little silly that you think dems actually think he’s a misogynist based on these comments or that they think it’s really a campaign issue. Most people are just making fun of his unfortunate use of words. We know what he meant. it’s just how he said it that made it hilarious. sigh, it’s sad how polarized and hateful we seem to have all become.

  • Stephanie Warren

    I wanna move to Neptune. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.