As much as reporters complain about the presidential candidates never wanting to discuss specifics of their policies, they sure do like to analyze things like the difference in height between the two candidates.

As usual, journalists publicly hoped (or at least claimed to hope) that Monday’s debate would be deep on policy and light on personal attacks, despite the fact that the networks for which they work made the debate sound like a pay-per-view boxing match.

Once Clinton clears the final hurdles of the debate season and assumes her proper place in the Oval Office, fortunately she’ll never have to worry about sexism again, having smashed through that highest of glass ceilings. No world leader would dare to interrupt her, but for now, she’s made to suffer as all American women suffer — by being interrupted.

There are probably quite a few women who remember being belittled and worse by a certain husband-and-wife political tag team; we’d be cringing too if we knew how close they were to moving back into the White House.

Yeah, but who’s counting? Well, Vox for one.

So Trump interrupted the hardcore candidate who tenaciously pushed through allergies/dehydration/pneumonia more often than she interrupted him, but Republicans are afraid of widows and orphans. But we have to give the nuclear codes to somebody. (Joe Biden’s happy to point out the person carrying them without even being asked.)

Thank goodness the rest of the world’s leaders aren’t steeped in America’s particularly abhorrent sexist culture; that’ll make dealings with ISIS and its supporters go so much more smoothly.

(Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference.)

What about the moderator, Les Holt? He did his fair share of interrupting, except for the “fair” part.

* * *


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