It’s going to be more and more difficult for the mainstream media to explain why the ongoing Kermit Gosnell murder trial has received little to no coverage. Twitchy has been covering the virtual media blackout on the horrifying story, as well as calls for light to be shone on the proceedings. Actress Patricia Heaton was among the first to call out the networks on their avoidance of the story, and while she’s still asking questions, she has company now.

Speaking of newspapers, the people have asked how the trial of a man charged with murdering seven babies has flown under the radar for so long. As points out, one Washington Post reporter explained that she covers policy, not “local crime.”

See? Totally balanced. Jim Geraghty’s not convinced, though, and his tweets have others doubting the “local crime” excuse as well.

As much as some media outlets would like to keep the words “murder” and “abortion” from appearing on the same page, the pressure is on to break that rule, at least this one time.

It’s not too late for reporters to get in on the story. There are plenty of fresh angles that haven’t been touched yet.


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  • Netmilsmom

    Michelle, could you please ask Glenn Beck why The Blaze isn’t covering this?

    • TugboatPhil

      Blaze hasn’t run a story on it since Mar 19, but they were one of the first news outlets to cover the story in early 2011.

    • Squirrel!

      If not for The Blaze, Twitchy & Breitbart I wouldn’t have heard about it.

      • Judy B

        Fox has reported it.

        • Squirrel!

          Cord cutter here. No cable & no dish. My news doesn’t come from the big 3 & I only get Fox News with Chris Wallace on Sundays. Haven’t seen them cover it.

    • Ariadnea

      This is the best time to inform advertisers of these networks, that they will be boycotted, should they continue to advertise in these networks who refuse to report these important news.

  • $19701396

    I’ll be impressed when Patricia Heaton calls out ABC by name.

    • Marvin Nelson

      At least Patricia was motivated to call the media out on this. Most Hollywood “celebrities” could care less, since guns aren’t involved.

      • Richard Jefferies

        Oh they care plenty. They care to make sure the story never sees the light of day. Just wait till the get all Kinsey and make a Dr. Gosnell’s a victim piece.

    • carla5731

      The funny thing is that she shouldn’t have to call them out but you seem more annoyed by Heaton’s supposed lack of courage than ABC’s proven cowardice.

    • J. Cox

      Because that is the story right?The Dr. part is just fluff along with the dead babies right?Way to try to spin there.You work for Soros or what?

  • Jimni27

    This isn’t even about whether you are pro choice or pro life. This is about Human Rights. And what a joke that reporter is saying it’s local news. Every story is local until the media does their job and makes it national, lol.

    • Scott Anderson

      It’s too dangerous to let the proles know stuff. That’s why the MFM only tells us Approved Truth!

      Tons of examples. Like this:

      • Spatial Awareness

        This is it….

        “What is the surprise?
        The Left is fighting a “Culture War” and has been for decades. And guess what, Conservatives and Commentary readers? – the Left wants to WIN.

        The Left doesn’t want to be right. The Left doesn’t want to be fair. The Left doesn’t want to be moral.

        They want to win. They want to defeat you!

        And why does the Left want to defeat you in this low-intensity but all-pervasive Culture War?

        Because they HATE you.

        So the Left will do whatever it takes to win, do anything or say anything,
        take one position today and betray that exact same position tomorrow, so
        long as it helps them defeat you, whom they HATE.

        That certainly includes not reporting on a trial that only strengthens you, their hated enemies in the “Culture War”. Understand?

        If you’re not on offense, you’re on defense. And if you’re on defense, you’re losing.”

    • Kate

      Agreed. I’d also like to add the Penn State scandal to the “local crime” column. That story only became national because of a brave reporter doing her JOB.

    • conservativechick
      • Jimni27

        I watched it yesterday. The people at the clinic pretty much telling them it’s okay to use abortion for birth control because all the cool Brazil kids are doing it. SICK.


    Has anyone in the ObamaMedia contacted the ObamaReallyCares Office at with regards to his voting 3 times for infanticide? or if, when he will weigh-in on the local crime in Phil. about our neighbors, and our neighbors children…in regards that he created ObamaCare ACA in that he has poignantly stated to America…. I Am My Brothers Keeper…??? just asking?

  • CO2 Producer

    If the Gosnell matter is an isolated incident, what’s the harm in covering it? Could journalists be afraid of what they might find when they look into how isolated it really is?

    • Garth Haycock

      You make an excellent point. The pro-slaughter crowd doesn’t want to know what it really supports because they are the most cowardly of cowards.

      • LinTaylor

        Of course not. I mean, consider:
        -Using terms like “clump of cells” and “thing” instead of “fetus”
        -Comparing said to cancer (or any other nasty disease)
        -Treating government-mandated ultrasounds as if they were the most vile form of rape imaginable
        All because if they actually acknowledge that a pre-birth human is indeed alive, they’d have to face up to the fact that what they’ve been doing isn’t a little stop-and-go operation to allow women to keep being party animals, but wholesale murder.

  • cajun_2

    I dont think Obama voted against the “born alive protection act”. He voted present.
    The media will NOT cover this story until a verdict. That way they can find a distraction to cover up the fact that an abortion doctor loves killing babies, smiled and was so “gentlemanly” while doing it.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      He spoke out against it in the IL Senate and, as Chairperson of the IL HHS committee, let the bill die in committee.

      3/13/2003 Senate

      Held in Health & Human Services

      3/14/2003 Senate
      Senate Committee Amendment
      No. 1 Rule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Rules

      3/14/2003 Senate
      Rule 3-9(a) / Re-referred to Rules

      1/11/2005 Senate
      Session Sine Die

      Health & Human Services – Members
      93rd General Assembly

      Chairperson : Barack Obama D

      • cajun_2

        thank you…that took 2 yrs, wow

  • Josephine (D)

    Hell, even “conservative” Fox isn’t covering it.

    Gosnell was killing both babies and women in his filthy, horrid facility. You would think that the Left would be at least somewhat all over this because they believe in “safe, legal, and rare” abortions, right? Right?

    • Silenttype78

      I noticed……

      • RogueRose

        Fox is covering it now.. it was on Brett today.

        • Judy B

          O’Reilly covered it, I think Meghan Kelly did as well the other day.

          • Patrick Dennehy

            Yep. O’Reilly covered it almost immediately

    • Judy B

      Fox has covered it.

    • therantinggeek

      The Left only pays lip service to “Safe, legal, and rare”. #justsayin

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Fox News IS Covering it… I’ve seen three (3) stories on it TODAY!!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Spatial Awareness

    Completely disturbing ==>

  • Spatial Awareness

    “@FealtyToNoOne The killer didn’t use an assault weapon RT @DeannaChristia9: Why won’t NBC cover the mass murder trial of #Gosnell?”

    #Gosnell IS an ASSAULT WEAPON.

    • Squirrel!

      Definitely should ban abortion doctors, employees, clinics & just abortion as a whole.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        I actually don’t want legislation to end abortions. I want people to see it for the truly horrible act that it is, so we can ‘evolve’ past it. If we ban abortions, it won’t stop the problem. If society exposes people, to stories like this and tells the truth, the abortion rate will plummet.

        • Squirrel!

          Good point. I do realize it was happening before Supreme Court ruling. Just damn, it’s atrocious. Wish no one had ever considered it an option to begin with!

        • trixiewoobeans

          I’ve always said only the “unevolved” support abortion.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Pro-lifers organizing ‘Tweetfest’ on Friday to break media blackout on Gosnell trial | #LifeSiteNews

  • Marvin Nelson

    I am in no way minimizing the Newtown tragedy, but isn’t that also “local news?”

  • marcellucci

    Abortion is to women’s health issues as welfare is to personal fiscal responsibility……
    Once you give up your soul to the slave owners….the pain just fades ……..
    Judgement is just a paycheck away…..

  • Adi

    Rule no 1 of Goebbels media: It is true because we said it so.

    Rule no 2: If we didn’t report it, then it didn’t happen.

    There is no Rule no 3.

  • nc

    S.M @redsteeze

    Ben Carson who saved children’s lives with his hands is reprimanded by a media who refuses to cover another doctor who killed them with his
    12:16 AM – 12 Apr 13


    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      The Double Standard strikes again! (Especially with the Lame-Stream Media!) Jawamax 8<{D}

  • neoface

    The Zimmerman case was a local crime, but every damn station covered and kept using a 13 year old picture of Martin, instead of a picture of 17 year old thug. I think we need to do something about MSM, they are definitely out of control with manipulating the news. Instead of trying to pass the gun control law, we should pass some journalist ethic laws. JMO!!!

  • $7610427

    Spread it all over your Facebook, if you have one! Make people pay attention. Although, I’m beginning to think people would rather not know…apathetic comes to mind.

    • Garth Haycock

      I don’t know if apathetic is the right word here. Sometimes we come across something that is so horrific, we don’t want to think about it in order to protect ourselves from the unadulterated evil that exists.

      This is something that is extremely difficult for me personally to read/hear about, and it sickens me to even acknowledge it, but it has to be exposed for the world to know about it. But I can understand why many don’t want to think about it.

      I would call Gosnell the modern-day Josef Mengele, but there are no experiments being done on these innocent children. We may be witnessing someone who is more evil than Mengele and I can’t imagine that there is even a dark corner of hell reserved for someone like Gosnell.

      • AWomaninTX

        Thank you. Those were/are my thoughts on this as well.

      • $7610427

        It is very disturbing to me, as well. I would like to think that evil of this nature doesn’t exist and it created fear inside me to realize that it does. However, if we bury our heads under the covers and do nothing, then aren’t we complicit? I feel as if Americans are putting up their hand and saying”I don’t want to hear about it.” I want everyone in this country to know this person’s name (I cannot bring myself to call him a man). It’s almost as if he enjoyed this and found a way to do it “legally”… You may be right, however, that it is self protection…but some don’t want to hear it because thenthey will be guilty of not doing a thing about it.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Joseph Kony, who “Recruits” children (by force) to “Fight” so he can be Elected President of some African Country (forgot which-will have to Wiki it again); Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Idi Amin, Yaaser Arafa(r)t…I can go on, if you want… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • tankdemon

    It isn’t news because the Gosnell clinic is just a typical abortion mill.

  • Jimni27

    Twitchy, you should be really proud for leading the way on this story . More media is starting to pick it up. Good on you!

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    It’s sad that it takes Gosnell to make this issue front and centre (not for the popular press, mind). Gosnell is not atypical. There are so many abortionists and abortuaries with similar stories (though this one is particularly disgusting).

    We shouldn’t be surprised that the popular press won’t report on this but we should be appalled.

    • dba_vagabond_trader

      Dr Carhartt comesto mind.

      • Osumashi Kinyobe

        He is one of many (insert own Legion remark here).

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Planned Parenthood official, Alisa LaPolt Snow, argued for the right to post-birth abortions, around the same time Gosnell went on trail. Obama is all for it. Apparently, this is totally acceptable…

      • Osumashi Kinyobe

        This is the slippery slope people were warned about years ago.

  • sodakhic

    Blood on the walls, blood on the chairs,baby feet in jars,workers severing spines, woman dies on the table,another woman talked about having eight abortions, said receptionist told her Brazilian woman have as many as 21 and they seem to be fine. Another woman decided she didn’t want the abortion and Gosnell said,”quit being a baby”. But of course there’s nothing to see here. Dr. Mengele ring a bell.

  • Bruce V. Bracken

    RT @obcnews obcnewsunmurderspyunspy: Chocolates rectified! #doubleplusgood! #Gosnell

  • Sean Minturn

    Highlights from MSM coverage of Gosnell trial:

  • Maxx

    MSNBC is still trying to figure out how many boxes of mac and cheese they’ll need to feed the nation’s children they apparently think are theirs. They don’t have time for this crap called news.

  • overboosted

    We should start aborting puppies and kittens. It’ll drive the liberal progressives nuts. On one hand, they’ll be protesting the killing of innocent baby animals – but on the other hand, aborting human babies is reproductive freedom………..

    When your pet accidentally gets impregnated by your neighbors pet, what do you do? You let the pregnancy go full term and put the offspring up for adoption. When your daughter gets impregnated by your neighbor’s kid, she goes to a place called “planned parenthood” (how ironic) and gets an abortion?


  • Paul Citro

    This is Obama’s news media one big giant cover-up with smoke and mirrors. Unless we KILL their ratings this won’t change.

  • teamfrazzled

    Calling this “late term abortion” doesn’t make it so. Abortion is the killing of the child in the womb. There was no attempt at abortion and the child “accidentally” survived. He gave mom a drug to force the premature birth of viable babies, knowing they would not only be born alive but could survive. In this country a baby born alive is a US citizen with the same right to keep its life you have. After he forced the live birth Gosnell would pick up the living, breathing, kicking and according to accomplices, sometimes SCREAMING babies and murdered them with scissors-he liked it up close and personal. Then he took a trophy off his kill, cut off their feet and put those in jars he stacked around his office where he could kick back and relive the thrill all day. A serial killer who didn’t have to go looking for his next victim because mommy brought him the next -a serial killer who got paid to do exactly what he loved doing. If the child had been physically capable of picking up a gun, that child would have been legally justified to kill Gosnell in order to save its own life. in this country, murder is not defined by whether he victim is capable of preventing his own killing or not. Not yet.

    • Guest

      Senator Boxer said; “I think when you bring your baby home, when your baby is born … the baby belongs to your family and has all the rights.”
      Read more:

      • lonestar

        She better get her talking points right. The baby belongs to the community, not the family.

        • Joe W.

          Heh..heh…heh….hoisted by their own petard…lol

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Bumper Sticker Idea seen on Facebook:”IF BABIES HAD GUNS, DOCTORS WOULDN’T DARE TRY TO KILL THEM” or something… I liked it! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Todd Hill

    Kirsten Powers’ column finally made it to the front webpage of our local CBS affiliate’s site ( just before 8 am today in the ‘national’ section, and they’re already trying to pile on other stories as quickly as they can to push the story off the front page.

    So far I’m the only commenter on the story on their website, but I’m hoping Kirsten’s column will remain viewable on their site through at least the rest of the day…

    • janerator

      It’s already buried. I had to type Kirsten Powers into the search bar. Then I was directed to the article (among many other articles). The state run media should be utterly and thoroughly ashamed of themselves but won’t be. My beautiful country is being ruined by rabid socialists he11 bent on “fundamentally transforming” America. God help us.

  • Clayton Grant

    US Marines urinating on dead Taliban – National story and outrage. Dr Kavorkian assisting people at end-of-life who wish to die – National news story and jail time.
    Severing the spinal cord or cutting the feet off of aborted babies and keeping them in a jar – crickets.

  • aliwilcox

    In Jay Carney’s briefings, reporters should be getting Obama’s reaction to this.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      … Jawamax 8<{D} With this "open, transparent" Admin, that's all WE get!

  • Libertyship46

    I’m amazed that that liberals always claim that they are fighting for the weakest among us, the people who have no voice and can’t defend themselves. Well tell me, all you liberal S.O.B.s out there that will not discuss this case, tell me who among us is weaker than a newborn baby? Who among us doesn’t have a voice and can’t defend themselves like a newborn baby? If liberals and miscreants out there like Barbara Boxer can’t see that a live baby is a real human being and entitled to all the rights and protections of any other American, then they really are no better than the Nazis they always seem to scream about when they deamonize people THEY don’t like. What scum. If all Americans can’t agree that this IS a huge case of mass murder and should be reported as such, then we really are finished as a great nation.

    • ked5

      they also don’t care about muslim women who are “honored killed/beaten” by their families, yet, they claim to be all about women’s rights.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        BINGO! And, When an Abortion Doctor(?) is killed, or a Clinic gets bombed, no matter how local it is, it’s news to the Lame MSM! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Of course the msm won’t report on infanticide. Their president is a huge fan.

  • stillinthe60s

    MSM can’t let the “LoFo’s have info that may hurt the party of compassion in the next election. Media’s got to bury it and ask what difference does it make to report on local story.

  • michael s

    In june 2012 a NJ abortionist named Dr Steven Chase Brigham went on trial for murder. That was a local crime story i guess,because there was no demand by the conservative media or a certail daily beast reporter to force the networks to provide national coverage. No talk of coverup liberal blackout statist media silence. I guess all of you are focusing on Dr Gosnell to make up for your lack of attention on the trial of Dr Brigham