At least one former member of the Trump campaign has attempted — badly — to spin Donald Trump’s “This Week” appearance during which the GOP nominee wondered aloud if the mother of Captain Humayun Khan was prohibited by her religion from speaking her mind at the Democratic National Convention.

Current CNN political commentator Corey Lewandowski didn’t win much sympathy for his former boss by suggesting that Khan would be alive today had Trump been president. Former CNN host Piers Morgan went a step further and called for Hillary Clinton to apologize as well as Trump.

That’s really no way to honor Capt. Khan, though, is it? Presumably he joined the U.S. military of his own volition, pledging to serve where he was deployed and to fulfill the mission given to him, not question its justification.

Morgan responded not only in print but to the Clinton campaign’s tweets as well.

Morgan certainly isn’t pro-Trump, as he makes clear in his piece, though he does refer to Trump as a good friend. However, also in his piece he notes that when Khizr Khan “pulled out his copy of the Constitution and brandished it at the cameras, I felt like standing and cheering myself.”

Funny … that’s not what Morgan did on camera at CNN when Ben “Banned from DePaul” Shapiro pulled out his pocket-sized copy of the Constitution during a debate over gun control and the Second Amendment. Instead, Morgan dismissed the offer of Shapiro’s “little book.”

Looks like someone else owes an apology.