Former White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs Van Jones has an important message: conservatives never see racism among their own ranks, but their obsession with finding racism among liberals doesn’t just border on a sickness — it is a sickness.

To be fair, Jones was simply turning around a tweet sent by a self-described conservative and Trump supporter during an ugly Twitter exchange. Still, all this time it seemed as though progressives were the ones obsessed with race and racism, an impression Joan Walsh herself has seemed to reinforce single-handedly.

Plenty of voters have plenty of reasons they’ve adopted the #NeverTrump hashtag, and it’s not hard to find many citing racism as part of their problem with the presumptive GOP nominee.

And there are those who aren’t in the #NeverTrump camp but haven’t stayed quiet about the candidate’s remarks.

Jones’ tweet might have been a reflexive response to a critic, but maybe the charge that conservatives never see racism or bigotry among their own ranks can be put to rest? And could the Left please stop pulling garbage like this so both sides could move on?

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