Doesn’t Al Sharpton have his own key to the White House by now? Soon after the 2012 election, the MSNBC host was summoned along with other “progressive journalists” apparently to pick up the administration’s talking points by hand. And last August, Sharpton sat down with the president in his role as an African-American faith leader to discuss voting rights, closing the gap on education, unemployment, and access to health care.”

This weekend he was a guest at the state dinner for French President François Hollande, and Today Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton again shared a table with President Obama and Attorney General Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder, this time to discuss criminal justice reform.

That’s quite a bit of access to the president by an MSNBC host, isn’t it?

* * *

Update: We’d certainly like to hear “in detail” this administration’s vision for the criminal justice system. A fundamental transformation, maybe? Good thing MSNBC sent a correspondent to this closed-door meeting. What’s the story, Rev. Al?


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