After suing the government under the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch has received a transcript of a teleconference in which John Brennan appears to leak serious details about an undercover terrorism operation to the media. CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson has more.

So, it looks like Brennan, then the White House’s top counterterrorism adviser, let slip to the media that there were spies inside an operation to infiltrate an “underwear bomb” plot emanating from Yemen, as Reuters reported a few days after the teleconference:

The next day’s headlines were filled with news of a U.S. spy planted inside Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), who had acquired the latest, non-metallic model of the underwear bomb and handed it over to U.S. authorities.

At stake was an operation that could not have been more sensitive — the successful penetration by Western spies of AQAP, al Qaeda’s most creative and lethal affiliate. As a result of leaks, the undercover operation had to be shut down.

The initial story of the foiling of an underwear-bomb plot was broken by the Associated Press.

A year later, the Department of Justice launched a probe into the leaks.

Brennan has since been promoted to head the CIA. In a statement, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton concluded, “It is abundantly clear that the Obama White House, in a self-serving attempt to garner favor with the American people over its handling of the ‘underwear bomb,’ blew the cover on a vital covert operation and exposed our agents to serious danger. Edward Snowden, the AP, Fox News and other targets of leak investigations may not be able to understand why Brennan has been able to skate by for this damaging leak.”