It’s the question we’re sorry anyone had to ask, but we’re thankful to Fox News’ Brit Hume for bringing it up. Americans ended up playing a bit of a hide-and-seek game with Secretary of State John Kerry Wednesday and Thursday, as that 3 a.m. phone call came in again, this time from Egypt. Whether Kerry could deal with the situation effectively from his yacht is open to discussion, but his actual physical whereabouts shouldn’t be up for debate.

While the State Department today “corrected” its initial claim that sightings of Kerry on a boat were “completely inaccurate” after presented with photographic evidence, would the department have bothered with the truth otherwise?

Exactly: why even lie about something like that? Even the most cynical would think they’d try to build up some reserve of credibility for when they really do need a lie to stick.

At least we have the media to keep the administration honest, right? “Kerry Focused on Egypt Despite Yacht Visit” is all we need to know, really.