At the National Review Institute Summit in Washington, D.C., today, a panel of conservatives addressed the question, “Do demographics doom the Right?” Pundit Michael Barone argued that Republicans aren’t doomed by demographics, necessarily, but they are “challenged” by demographics. Just how big is this challenge? Barone referred to younger Obama voters the GOP needs to attract as the “Lena Dunham” generation.

Hmm, would that be that creepy “first time” ad about voting for Obama being like losing your virginity?

A lot worse? We suppose it could be the “Sandra Fluke” generation. And speaking of Fluke, Barone’s remarks on appealing to younger voters got Talking Points Memo publisher Josh Marshall thinking about birth control and the role it played in the 2012 election.

Yeah, if Republicans hate birth control so much, how is it that married conservative couples don’t all have 12 or 13 kids? How does that work?

Here’s a secret we’re going to let out for today only, just to help Marshall and his followers understand the conservative mind. No one wanted to ban birth control; conservatives were upset that taxpayers were expected to foot the bill for Sanda Fluke’s birth control, which she estimated would cost $3,000.

Really. No one thought that Republicans wanted to deny birth control to people who wanted it? Not even Lizz Winstead, who tweeted that limited access to contraception was a cornerstone of the GOP belief system? Or Chris Matthews, who said an employer who opposed taxpayer-funded contraception was a “birth control Nazi” who “gets to decide who gets it and who doesn’t”? Or Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who said in her speech to the Democratic National Convention that Mitt Romney’s plan was to “get rid of Planned Parenthood”? Or President Obama, who told Glamour magazine that “access to contraception” should be a “no-brainer”?

Yes, because we wouldn’t want anyone to be dishonest about conservatives’ actual views on contraception; for example, saying that a hostile GOP was “attacking birth control” by asking Sandra Fluke to buy her own condoms.