Not only will Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker reply to just about any tweet sent his way, he’ll accept challenges too. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Booker, a Democrat, called for more investment (i.e., taxes) in schools and nutrition, despite the fact that Newark public schools spend around $22,000 annually per child.

A Twitter follower who describes herself as “fighting against any and all forms of socialism/communism” kicked off the challenge by responding to Booker’s call for more money.

Now this is the sort of battle of ideas we would have liked to have seen during the presidential debates. To be fair, we did see a bit of it, but it looks like in this case we don’t all have to suffer for four years to find out who was right after all.

As of now, the details are still being worked out. Onlookers are suggesting their own additional rules. Will Booker and his challenger agree to forgo their own cars for public transportation for the duration? After all, if you’re on food stamps, you can’t possibly have your own wheels, right? Right? Oh, and no fancy spices and seasonings.

No restaurant food? Do the rules prohibit selling the food stamps and using the cash at a restaurant? Or the Apple Store?

In the meantime, an out-of-state challenger has approached. The Community Service organization at the University of Bridgeport (whose annual tuition is about the same as Newark’s annual expenditure per student) has horned in and set up its own challenge.

We had hopes for Booker during Superstorm Sandy, when he encouraged a constituent to handle his own shortage of Hot Pockets. (“I know this is a problem you can handle,” Booker replied.) Why Hot Pockets guy got the cold shoulder while the mayor lobbies for more money for schools and nutrition for others, we don’t know.

What will the food stamp challenge prove? We’re not sure. For some of Booker’s supporters, though, Booker has nothing to prove — he’s showed that he cares, and that’s enough. Unless you’re a heartless conservative.