That about sums it up. After Mitt Romney released his most current tax return showing he and his wife had donated more than $4 million to charity, his opponents were quick to pounce. Sen. Harry Reid denounced the Romneys’ charitable giving as calculated tax manipulation, while others contended that it didn’t count anyway, since they probably gave through their church and not a real charity.

So when the Romney campaign decided to buy $5,000 worth of peanut butter, canned goods and diapers to kick-start a storm relief event in Kettering, Ohio, yesterday, it didn’t take long for people to label the move “sickening,” a “great lie” and a case of “fraud.” What’s so wrong with donating food and diapers? Plenty (if Barack Obama doesn’t do it, that is).

First, the “useless” donations were obviously a cynical campaign stunt.

No one wants your junk food anyway, Romney. Sure, the Red Cross begrudgingly says it’s thankful for the effort, but just send money next time. More money, though. Heck, Romney’s campaign is practically doing more damage than Sandy by donating food. Some people are allergic to peanut butter, you monster. Wasn’t killing that woman with your cancer enough to satisfy your bloodlust?

Will Romney ever see the light and realize that a truly caring person would hand out taxpayer-funded cell phones and food stamps?