Did you guess “race”? Touré has a new Time magazine column he’d like you to read right away, or at least when you get home from your abortion procedure. You see, Touré has found a new racial code word: crime.

It’s a curious argument, really. Touré is simultaneously upset that politicians use “crime” as classic code language for “black” while at the same time he acknowledges that the subject “hasn’t cropped up in this election yet.”

The title of the Time piece is, “How to Read Political Racial Code.” That shouldn’t be a challenge for anyone keeping up with the news, as Michelle Malkin has already put together “The Condensed Liberal Handbook of Racial Code Words,” highlighting new entries such as “angry,” “chair,” “Chicago,” “golf” and “kitchen cabinet.

“Do Democrats use racial code?” asks the man who invented the word niggerization, and then answers his own question without hesitation: “No. The Democratic party is a racially diverse coalition,” while “the GOP paddles furiously trying to stay viable as an all-white party.” We could argue that the highlights of the Republican National Convention (and passed over for coverage by Touré’s own MSNBC) were delivered by minority speakers such as Mia Love and Marco Rubio, while liberals reacted with slurs like “house nigger” and “Uncle Tom.”


Crime dog? As in, dog whistle? RACIST!!!