It’s always good to hear from a Democrat about guns and how they work. CNN is hosting Joe Biden at a town hall Thursday night, and Biden promised a broadside against the Second Amendment if he’s elected president. He’ll even go after those clips that have multiple bullets in them.

We imagine shotguns would still be allowed since Biden is a big fan and implored every American citizen to buy one in case of an earthquake. (How are you going to aim an AR-15 during an earthquake? You can’t!)

Bloomberg reports as well that Biden, as he said during Wednesday night’s debate, would work to remove gun manufacturers’ immunity from lawsuits if someone should, say, shoot someone else.

Oh, and he’d do it on his first day in office. A lot of candidates sure are promising a lot’s going to get done in the hours after the inauguration ceremony.

Bloomberg reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday he would seek to end gun manufacturers’ exemption from civil liability for gun violence on his first day in office, as he continued to draw a contrast with Bernie Sanders on firearms regulation.

“It is so long past time that we correct one of the most egregious special interest giveaways the United States Congress has ever engaged in – the civil liability protections granted to gun manufacturers against being sued by the victims of gun violence,” he said at a Las Vegas community center, joined by a dozen people who lost loved ones to gun violence, including Nevada Representative Steven Horsford, who endorsed Biden last week.

He’s wasting everyone’s time. Bonus clip from the guy who wants to take away your rights: