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'Great job transcribing' - NBC News praises Biden administration for vaccine rollout plan that Trump put in place

We all saw this coming, but the only surprise has been in how fast it is arriving.

Many of us predicted that the Biden vaccination program would essentially be taking the Trump efforts and repackaging them, and slapping a ”Biden” label on the front. CNN took the first shift when they reported (reported here = ”Lied”)  that Trump left Biden no vaccine distribution program and he would have to build his own from the ground up.


That report was so laughably inept that not only was it disproven before lunch that same day, but Dr. Anthony Fauci disputed it in a later news conference and even Chris Cuomo corrected his network’s own story that evening.

Now NBC is ready to take the pass of the baton. Geoff Bennett has the scorching new hot take that Joe Biden has been successful already with his ”rollout plan”.

The notable incurious tone of this report did not go unnoticed. The steno-pool is well-staffed today.

This is to be the case going forward, as the press has taken the position that Biden will always be telling the truth, so there is no need to investigate things further. A White House press release is more than sufficient sourcing.


They are taking credit for currently seeing 1.1 million to 1.5 million vaccines a day. Certainly solid figures to have to meet his goal of 100 million. The issue? Before Biden’s inauguration, we were seeing those numbers already, with the running average already promising to hit 100 million in time. Biden could have done nothing and he would meet his goal.

I think you just read off of the newly issued mission statements from the major news outlets.


Sure – just appropriated promises.

May as well have been. They have a template in the press and it is being followed to the letter at the moment.

This is going to be the case for at least 4 years.

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