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There were riots in Portland again last night, except NOW the Governor calls in the National Guard

Some things never change — After long months of violent riots in the city of Portland they once again took to the streets to loot and vandalize.


Some things are surprisingly new — After long months of violent riots in Portland this time, when protests broke out into violence, the politicians actually took steps to curtail the activities.

Wait a moment – the National Guard was called in?! This is Portland, where we were told that the arrival of federal agents months back had been blamed for the violence in the streets…that had been taking place for months prior. President Trump was accused of targeting citizens and that the presence of the federal armed troops was a provocation that was unwelcomed.

Now today the governor had the foresight to get federal troops on speed dial in anticipation of new bouts of upheaval. Curious.

Sure appears that way. With an anticipation of a Joe Biden victory the appearance of riots would deliver poor optics. The media and the Democrats have spent months blaming President Trump for the divisive violence in numerous cities; they now want things to appear to have just calmed down with a Biden victory.


Seems the case. When their sanctioned disruptors begin to deliver poor visuals you have to yank back on the leash.

The Democrats may end up finding it more of a challenge to control these disruptors they thought had been delivering for them a political narrative. They are anarchists, and they do not listen to politicians. Their job is to disrupt, not to take orders.


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