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All the proof needed these riots are not about anything political - they looted a Waffle House?!

It has become obvious that the nationwide demonstrations and the violence erupting in dozens of cities have drifted away from the protests concerning the death of George Floyd. Communities are under attack for no discernable reason; how a police incident in Minneapolis leads to the burning down of City Hall in Nashville is but one example of the disconnect.


But perhaps the biggest example of the arbitrary nature of the attacks is this — they looted a what, now?!

We are at a loss as to what possible message could be behind this. Ending syrup oppression? Unequal griddle access? The mind reels…

Some actually attempted to make a political point, suggesting there is support from the ownership that can be deemed questionable.

Yeaaaaa…except this is supposed to be about the death of an unarmed citizen in Minnesota. Not sure how torching a local late-night diner chain delivers any messaging along that narrative.


Any time we have dined in a Dub-House it has always been with a mixed-race clientele. These are bastions of full plate protein and pillow-sized breakfast griddle cakes, and anyone is welcome. Targeting these locations makes zero sense.

Even Anthony Bourdain recognized what the Waffle House meant to the country.

If the rioters continue in this fashion they will find the population unwilling to tolerate any more of these contrived ”protests”.

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