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Shocked this thread could go wrong - Alyssa Milano attempts to unify the Democrat party by degrading Bernie Supporters and calling them 'toxic' in the process

Hey gang, one-time actress Alyssa Milano has some thoughts on the current national election. The politically active performer with a near-perfect record of backing candidates who end up losing is here to now save the Democrat party. In true Milano fashion, she managed to bugger her attempt within one thread.


Her effort here is to draw the supporters of Bernie Sanders into the fold and back Joe Biden. To be charitable, let’s just say she got off to a rocky start.

Maybe leading off by both being combative AND highlighting the fact that you backed a loser in the last election is to start from the standpoint of weakness. But hey, she has been fighting Make America Great Again-s…we guess?

Then she continues —

We have to guess that Milano has not been keeping up on Mr. Biden’s antics of late. From his fumbling malaprops to trailing off and freezing at the podiums, to wandering off-camera during video conferences, anyone using the word ”steady” to describe Joe appears oblivious.


There really is not much more that needs to be said about someone who compels people to unfollow her, WHILE she pleads for them to follow along, inside of one tweet. Cagey strategy, that.

We think we have figured it out — Alyssa Milano is auditioning for a direct-to-video thriller movie called ”CONTRADICTION”. How the hell else do we describe her messaging here, as she declares we would be blessed to have Sanders in ”any political office”, in a thread declaring him unfit for the office of the presidency?

Then she takes it into the red-zone. Calling his base ”toxic” is kinda sorta almost the opposite of drawing them over to your side, but also declaring that it would be impossible to unite under him as you are desperate to unite them – AT THE SAME TIME – is all the reason to step away from the Twitter machine.

Alyssa did not step away.


Sure, more people died during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009, but we’ll just let her go on about things being unprecedented. Mostly because we did nothing close to shutting down the entire country during that pandemic.

We should all hold hands and gather together with the toxic individuals who will never allow us to unify…somehow.

So as long as you agree with her, Alyssa Milano loves you. Not so much for the Bernie supporters who are making the case against Biden — but she wants you all to come over and back Biden. Despite not loving you…

Just ahead of her rant…er, her passionate thread of love and unity — Milano was taking shots at Bernie. In one post she referred to Sanders as less-than upfront with the facts.

She even Retweeted an article that slams him for his proposed response to the outbreak.


Um, really Phoebe?? You think that posting a story from Daily Wire is going to win over the Bernie Bros? We’re thinking maybe this is a challenge.

Well, all that can be said is that Alyssa has clearly picked her candidate for the November election. Thus, based on her track record of backing candidates, the Joe Biden campaign should be in panic mode as a result.

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