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HuffPo says it is a problem that men without vaginas are scared to see a gynecologist, and the problems rest with...the medical industry...???

The Party of Science keeps following scientificalism!

The Huffington Post had a lengthy and heart-rendering expose on a specific challenge transgender patients have. While there is some sympathy to offer for those going through the deeply troubling aspects of trans life there are also times when pragmatism has to come into play. While wanting to understand the struggles individuals face is one thing, that does not mean facts and science become secondary realities.


What HuffPo addresses is both an issue with some pathos, but also one it chooses to side with at the expense of common sense. It details how some trans men are having a hard time when it comes to seeing — a gynecologist.

You certainly recall the political crapstorm that was instigated by Jessica Yaniv, the trans individual with blatantly male genitalia who was insisting technicians provide female waxing services. Well, HuffPo has ramped that obliviousness up to all-new levels.


What is at issue here are those who retain male genitalia and are seeking to have gynecological services. What is more perplexing, the outlet rests the blame, and the need for correction, with the medical industry.

While there is a point to be made about those who have gone through the process of being surgically altered to a female state HuffPo is also featuring those who have yet to have the procedure still seeking gynecological exams. In the process of highlighting this crisis, it frequently has to contradict itself.

The medical field in general still falls short of providing proper care to transgender patients. Deadnaming, improper pronouns and a general lack of knowledge about transgender issues lead many from the trans community to avoid the doctor altogether.

But then what do we say, in light of this list of concerns, about this article’s opening paragraph?

It was a battle for Jaden Fields to even get the appointment. When he, a trans man, tried to make arrangements with a gynecologist’s office, he was met with disrespect and disbelief. So much so that his primary care provider had to make the appointment for him.

Now, questions. How is it someone can be examined by a gynecologist when you are describing them as ”He”, ”His”, ”Man”, and ”Him”??? It is one thing to be physically male and request you be addressed and considered as a female, but at some point biological realities have to come into play when it applies to medical procedures.


Here is someone who even HuffPo concedes is a ”Man”, desiring an Ob/Gyn examination. How does a doctor in a field treat a patient who physically is not of this field? How can you declare the problem is, as one expert cited claimed is, ”The health care system’s lack of general competence with trans people”, when a doctor cannot examine specific body parts which do not exist?

Yet there is where the blame is focused in this baffling enterprise. HuffPo gives another example of this anxiety.

Ian Harvie, a trans comedian, actor, and writer, explained his issues with the medical system. ”Will I be mistreated or misgendered, intentionally or unintentionally? A more graphic fear was: ‘As a man, will getting in the stirrups for an exam make me feel like a girl?’”


You admit to being a man while getting a gynecological exam, but while saying you are female you harbor a fear that you will feel like…a female? It seems clear there is confusion as well as uncharted areas to discuss, but to say that the medical profession — which is rooted in biological realities — is what needs to be adjusted for these cases seems blatantly misguided.


Yet that is specifically what HuffPo is forwarding here. This is going to be a long road for doctors to navigate in the coming years. When they are cleaving to scientific facts and the reality of biology. and this gets described as ”Medical Bigotry”, it seems unclear for now where the resolution lies.

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