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As a break from all of the unhinged gun/racist/supremacist Twitter -- this bad movies poll from a film writer is undiluted fun

Sometimes it is the simple things. Twitter, and most social media, has been a tire fire in a dumpster dosed with napalm and attempted to be put out with anthracite. Yea, it’s been a bit of a slog.


So time for a palate-cleanser.

Matt Singer is a great film writer, and he just wrote a book on Spider-Man. He also has a bent view on films (he LOVES “Gymkata”), and frequently his editors send him out to eat entire menus at restaurants with movie tie-in menus. In all, he is a great follow if you like movies.

Singer came up with a relatively simple question:

Within minutes he had hundreds of replies, and the responses were just undiluted fun. Even if you do not have an affection for bad movies (something select editors at this site possess — okay, maybe one…) there is still some nonsensical fun in seeing the amusing, and frequently pained responses.

Sharon is a masochist. We all should like Sharon

Props for paying for this one. That is basically a non-movie.


We’ve all been there – and it was worth every cent.

I have no answers for this…


You made a wise life decision.

As a nation, we have tried to forget the attempt to make Dennis Rodman a movie star.

Sure, we have all been there. But at least “Suicide Squad” came along and eclipsed all those bad feelings.


Matt comes up with one that is staggering:

This is true. The film had no real ending — you had to go online after the film to find out what happens as a climax. Astounding to behold.

Just the perfect denouement to this effort.

Hope you at least feel a little better.

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