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CBS News praises human traffickers for 'Helping' illegals on their perilous treks, promptly gets dragged through a Twitter jungle

How is it at all possible a news organization cannot even see its own bias, when it resorts to reframing a negative story because of how it reflects on the Trump administration and its border positions? CBS News clearly operates from the stance of looking at Trump’s policy, and making sure no report will be regarded as backing him — regardless of the facts.


Since “Orange Man Bad” is the obvious mission statement at CBS News they have managed to take a piece about the blatant perils of people migrating hundreds of miles of terrain, and the people who profit off of their desperation, and spin it into a postive message. Behold how the gatekeepers of the facts framed this story.

They are “helping”, you see. Not profiting off of desperation, not aiding in the illegal entry into the US, and not escorting them through brutal life-threatening conditions — nope, this is humanitarian stuff taking place!

A few readers were not quite swayed by this display of selfless benevolence.

It was enough to make people wonder how the network may have framed other news events.


From the article that accompanies this video segment:

And treacherous terrain is far from the only danger for those making the trek. There are poisonous snakes, jaguars, and severe weather. Decaying corpses of those who attempted to pass are scattered throughout the jungle, along with articles of tattered clothing and used kitchenware.

And it is into this hellscape that the coyotes are not encouraging people to pass – they are “helping”, in the minds of the wizards at CBS.

Great work CBS, what next? Will you be touting their high Yelp scores? Are they JD Powers top-rated rated among all coyote transport companies?


Don’t give them ideas! Next season, on “The Amazing Race 2: Jungle Pass”!

Just consider for a moment where the American media complex has placed itself: They are demonizing Chick-Fil-A and trying to block it from selling chicken sandwiches, but it supports human traffickers and positions them as lending huanitarian aid.

Yea, we are doing well, everything is just fine!


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