This past Friday saw the release of the new video game “Hogwarts Legacy”, following in the wake of significant outrage and social media idiocy for months on end. The disturbance in the spells was not due to Voldemort, but to the overly self-important souls who feel it is their duty in life to oppose author JK Rowling in all of her endeavors.

As a result, many in the gaming community have taken it upon themselves to express outrage and actively seek to oppose people — who are playing a video game they disapprove of. It has become the biggest controversy in the gaming community since #GamerGate, only this is even dumber; because THEY do not approve of this game it means YOU cannot play it. If it sounds rather daft rest assured, you have it wrong; it is far more ridiculous than that.

Take this example: People are supposedly willing to quit their jobs, because others at work were talking about the game.

Mind you, this was their reaction well before the release of the game itself. And as we have come to know, this all stems from the imbalanced reactions to JK Rowlings and her stance in support of women and not coddling the trans community’s demands that men be recognized as women. But better, the accusations that Rowling is “anti-trans” are completely baseless.

As one writer at Huffington Post discovered, when she set out to bring down Rowling for her “history” of anti-trans positions, it turns out that she could not find any evidence to back up the claim.  E.J. Rosetta spent three months going through Rowling’s writings and posts and could not find a single transphobic message.

This of course has not stopped the howling from online activists. But the howling has not stopped the fans from supporting the game. As has been proven numerous times, online outrage mobs are not the economic force they pretend to be, and with “Hogwarts Legacy” it has been shown to be no different. Although released only on Friday the game was already a smash. It set records for advanced sales in the gaming industry.

But even with this wild success, there seems to be no comfort in the masses. The hysterical activist movement is acting out, with some people bombing the comments of live players online and seeking to block the feeds of streamers playing the game to audiences. This has brought out a reaction from one gaming outlet.

At We Got This Covered, they wanted to offer a tutorial of sorts for those who might fear their enjoyment of the new Harry Potter game might lead to reprisals from friends, family members, or co-workers.

Possibly. Or – and stick with us here – maybe it would something to do in order to avoid the hysterical cranks mob from seeking you out and harassing you over the fact that you are playing a video game.

After all, these are not exactly balanced thinkers we are discussing, when they are becoming unglued that someone may be enjoying a video game in a manner that has no impact on their lives. People who say “You are having fun wrong!!” are really the best to avoid.

And there is our coda. Thank you.